2020-04-27 03:49:18

Is there something wrong with me? Because I can’t see the private messages link on mobile

Pics or it didn’t happen

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2020-04-27 04:40:58

moste brouzers have something called request desctop site, press it and you should be fine

today, we talk about a very drematic story, a story  which you never forget...
today we talk about a rise of a program, a game, we talk how does it starts from one  Variable, a word, a number, a line, a file, then to a great, functionel game...
my website

2020-04-27 19:08:18

Hey. You can just set your phone in a landscape orientation and yule be fine.

Hi. I'm jaidon. Im an aspiring audiogame dev. I use BGT for now, but I'm learning Python and PB. You can find me on Skype by searching Jaidon Vincent. Let's have a nice chat.
Eitherways, Chus!

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