2020-04-08 00:18:31

hi, when I tryed to grab bote simulater today from the db, I got that 404 Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server.

today, we talk about a very drematic story, a story  which you never forget...
today we talk about a rise of a program, a game, we talk how does it starts from one  Variable, a word, a number, a line, a file, then to a great, functionel game...
my website

2020-04-08 02:51:58

Yup, got the same here

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2020-04-13 06:44:26

same. get 404.

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2020-05-19 23:43:05

Hello everyone!
Oh, I wanted to play the game again, but the link alas does not work!
Does anyone have this Scrolling Battles game?
the broken link is here:
I used to play it, but I had to change the system, and the archive with the game was lost!
If anyone can help with this game, please share the link!
I only found old versions, but of the game described here:
could not be found!
Thank you all in advance for your help and answer!

With good wishes, Ilya!

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2020-05-21 18:02:46

Hello everyone!
My problem is solved! I found and downloaded the game.

Please post a link to download the game.


thereby you update the link to download.
Direct link to download the game:


Thanks in advance and have a nice game!

With good wishes, Ilya!

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