2020-04-05 22:09:53 (edited by mjonsson1986 2020-04-05 22:10:33)

try e.g to search for windows xp. you get
"Insane query. Aborting."
all other word combos work

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2020-04-06 06:33:30

Just tried it here. Happened to me too.

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2020-04-06 08:35:47

why block these words? i assume them are blocked.. because all other combos works

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2020-04-06 09:04:07

It's probably a software issue

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2020-04-06 09:38:48

if i remember correct it has worked before without issues

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2020-04-06 10:18:23

also the word combo free os is blocked

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2020-04-08 02:54:05

If you type in c# it says you didn't type anything

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2020-04-08 03:18:45

LOL? Instead of blocking *** its blocking windows xp and c#? How peculiar

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2020-04-08 03:45:06

Apparently it hates all Windows bf Windows Xp, as windOws 98 doesn't work either, but windows vista does.

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2020-04-09 04:11:51

Its probably a punBB error. I mean the web masters would need to fix this, and you know how inactive they are...

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2020-04-17 17:29:06

thetechguy wrote:

Its probably a punBB error. I mean the web masters would need to fix this, and you know how inactive they are...

or they not cares
this forum is performing badly..
why change forum software for example
if i remember correct they run punbb before
and now panbb

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2020-05-04 07:14:52

this strange anomaly also occured for me. Since it says, insane query, aborting, it's possible they implemented it as a joke.

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