2020-03-26 10:09:43

As reported by [motherboard]:

The Internet Archive has temporarily removed waitlist restrictions and created a National Emergency Library, granting access to over 1.4 million books to anyone who wants them, including non-US residents. Access will run until June 30th, or until the end of the National Emergency, whichever comes last. These include both educational materials like Introduction to Electrodynamics, to entertainment.

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2020-03-26 11:48:56

Thank you!
Will check them out soon, as I am always on the lookout for stuff to read big_smile
Your posts are full of good info, as always. smile

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2020-03-26 12:54:12

Hey, this is cool. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check these out soon.

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2020-03-26 13:14:31

That's very cool, thank you for sharing!
If any of you are searching for a book that isn't on there, there are also other legal places to get free books from, such as Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, Standard Ebooks, Faded Page, and, of course Wikisource. If you prefer audio books, check out Librivox. Enjoy reading! smile

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2020-03-26 16:21:35

that's cool, i'll be sure to check them out soon

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2020-03-26 16:37:36

Keep them coming!!!!!!!! Going to it now!

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2020-03-26 18:18:38

Also chek out planet books here.

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2020-03-26 20:44:53

Um, is there a link?

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2020-03-26 22:23:25

What sorts of books?

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2020-03-26 22:40:34

Uh, guys, post 1? He already said they were being distrubuted by the internet archive. If you don't know what that is, then, well...

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2020-03-27 00:13:18

The links in the motherboard article, but as stated its part of the internet archive. If you'd prefer a more direct route, try [here].

Bit of everything, education, technical, entertainment, from [Robin Hood] to [Silver pennies; a collection of modern poems for boys and girls], or [The pagan background of early Christianity] and [The Deerslayer; or, The first war-path], there's all kinds of interesting stuff.

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