2020-03-25 19:21:38

Hi there
My friend was wondering if there's any mainstream si-fi game that can be played, he says he wnats to fly a ship or something of that nature.

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2020-03-25 19:49:56 (edited by connor142 2020-03-25 19:52:16)

the smugglers series and code 7 are fully accessible, the x series is sort of playable if you like searching through a bunch of log files and if you like just doing the trading part of the game since combat can't be made accessible, other than that I think there is nothing. Star traders used to be a thing for IOS but that's gone now as well. There's a nitch to fill here, guys. Come on, dmnb was so great, we need a new propper space sandbox in audio. Please please please! Stop with the ultra scrolling survive the death redspot killer bloodshed battles destruction mega hyper pro 2.0 ++ and start creating what we sf nerds have been dreaming of ever since we started gaming!

Ich bin 1,95m groß, muskelbepackt, und ein berühmter Rocksänger, der den internationalen Durchbruch jeden Moment schaffen wird. Ich fahre eine schwarze Luxuslimo und kann fast alle gängigen Weinsorten mühelos unterscheiden.
Ach du Scheiße, das glaubt man mir nie...

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2020-03-25 23:04:57

for sci-fi- based games, other than the smugglers games and code 7, you can try master of orion, but this version which is posted on new releases room doesn't have sounds, the game is entirely text based. if you want a more complex sci-fi horror FPS, then you should try dead space. although the game is quite playable, you need lots of patience to complete an objective. the navigation in this game is not really a problem, cause you have a button that let's you automatically turn to the objective. but sometimes, if the character is not turning, you have to try going a little bit to the left or to the right and press the button again.
the biggest problem for us is the shooting part. some of the enemies is possible to kill, you just need to center the sound of the enemy and fire at it. however, other enemies need more things to do, like aiming a certain weak points to kill it.

a citizen calls me to help with the pipes broken,
I accepted the job and went there to help them by fitting, hammering, and twisting the valvs in a correct order,
while on the way, I kill those things that is trying to stop me such as spiders, rats, thugs and other obstacles that I avoided,
once my job is done, I'm really glad they called me an applied piper!

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2020-03-25 23:49:41

@3 does deadspace have some kind of aming assist? I think my cousin has that on her ps3 so I might try it.

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