2020-03-25 18:10:47

hello guys I downloaded this archive of this for game and I have a question about airlift how can I play it?
the readme file didn't help me so, please help me about this game.

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2020-03-25 19:20:58

There are instructions for every game in that pack, including airlift. Basically you need to transfer people from one location to another in your chopper and avoid hazards along the way.

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2020-03-26 14:48:31

hello, excuse me for my posts I don't know how to kill the aircrafts on airlift game please help me

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2020-03-26 15:13:05 (edited by Dark 2020-03-26 15:49:13)

Okay I just gave the game another try, I'll try and explain how it works.

You are flying a helicopter, and to complete each level you must pick up people from houses and take them back to the church. The game is a side scroller, A and s will fly left and right. Note that as you have a helicopter, the controls work like a vehicle, so one press of a will have you flying left at half speed (the voice will say 1), two presses will have you flying left at full speed.

You can go up and down with k and m. As you fly, things will be announced, for example if your going up and down and here the beeps, you'll be told how close you are to landing, whereas if your going left or right and hear beeps you'll be told your about to fly into an obstacle, so be careful.

You can hear various things on the ground, and they'll be announced when your close, for example factories, turbines and rivers, and when you hover will be told what's below you.
You can find the houses by listening for the sound of dogs barking and birds singing. When you land on a house you'll automatically pick up all the people (listen for the clang sound), though each house holds six people, whilst your helicopter can hold a maximum of five, so you'll need to visit each house more than once.

Once you've picked up your five people, you need to fly back towards the church (listen for the bell), land on the church and offload.

initially, you will just have to fly around, but from level 2 things will get harder.
Tanks will attack you. These will kill you if you're under 50 feet (so be careful when landing), you can drop bombs on them, for bonus points, but you need precise timing.

From level 3 an aircraft will attack you. This will only come from time to time and only attack when your over 75 feet.
So, generally what you need to do is either fly at 75 feet and fly low only when you need to make a landing (which will miss most obstacles), or alternatively, try and fly between 50 and 75 feet and doge the aircraft. Also remember that you can always hover and just wait for it to pass.

At level 4 an alien spaceship will come to get you if you fly above 75 feet, meaning you will need to fly around even more.

It's a hard game to master since there's so much going on, and so much to dodge, but it's quite a lot of fun!


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