2020-03-25 00:03:16

does anyone know how to put out the fire on level 19 toom 7

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2020-03-25 09:32:02

No one knows what you are talking about, since the topic subject just says help. smile

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2020-03-25 10:08:46 (edited by mohamed 2020-03-25 10:09:19)

tomb hunter
sorry can’t help, didn’t play in a long time, so forgot

2020-03-25 10:33:19

hi. wen you enter in the level you need to have a bucket. buy a few more. go to the rivver, fill them with water. go to the fire. you need to be 1 tile away from it. find the filled buckets in your inventory and press enter on them. after that fill them again and do the same thing over until the fire is put out.

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