2020-04-21 23:20:29

Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well.  Just an update, part 4 should be up in the near future.  It's longer than the past FF7 playthroughs because I added a section at the end describing the menus, and descriptions of all the enemies thus far. 

Also, made this little website here which has all of the podcasts, polls, and episodes in one place, in case you're interested:

There's a Facebook.  Little bit of a different format, kinda put the episodes into a series here:
https://www.facebook.com/Gorillas-Playt … 811084581/

There is also a Tumblr, in case any of you use the blogs there.  A bit more streamlined:

Thanks for checking it out.

Also, ComputerGamer, hey I apologize I missed your post before, just caught it now.  Since you've never played it in the past, I'm curious to hear what you think about the game, as we move forward.  I finished the original back when it came out, but honestly given the way they made this game, it still feels new to me too as strange as that sounds.  I appreciate the feedback.  The reason I started it so we can kind of just go through these games together.  Never did it before, I'm still green, still learning.  Thanks again for your support.

2020-04-21 23:40:13

@gorilla Ok, thanks for replying. I have watched all the episodes of ff7 remake så far and I really enjoy it. I really like your narrations. You really do a good job and I fullly enjoy the videos. I have played some ff games while I could still see well enough to play on my own. I have actually played the very first FF game, really liked that one and then I played the second game and had som issues with that. I have played a bit of FFX and FFX-2. So I know a bit of stuff about FF. Keep up the awesome work. I will keep on watching and keep being entertained by your Amazing and very professional videos.

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2020-04-22 17:41:11

That’s great to hear, and hoping to eventually going back to the FF12 playthrough at some point.

2020-04-22 18:02:09

How would you describe the two other games you are doing? Like what genre are they like and what rating do they have? I like the Death stranding playthrough so far. And the baldure´s gate is also good.

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2020-04-22 21:32:59

If I had to classify Death Stranding thus far I would say it’s an adventure game, as broad as that term may be.  The story and voice acting seems like it’s going to be its strong point.  The gameplay appears to be somewhat open world so far.  The open land is very natural looking and lush.  Which is a bizarre feeling because the game seems like it’s going in a direction where something terrible happened to the earth.   I’m very early on but it seems like inventory management is going to be a big factor if I had to guess.  I like where it’s going due to the atmosphere.  In regards to ratings or reviews I’ve heard people say that they hate it, and others that they love it.  I’ve had good experiences with some games that fall in that category in the past. 

The gameplay is third person, and you’re controlling a famous actor, I think his name was Norman Reedus, who I’m not familiar with but I’ve liked his acting a lot thus far in the game.  He’s collecting packages and strapping them to his back.  When you get a lot, it becomes a huge load on his back that he’s hauling, almost comical.   

Baldur’s Gate is an enhanced edition of a CRPG that came out back in 98.  I’ve gone through some old CRPGs, I’m 39 so I was around during the Forgotten Realms games, but I never played Baldur’s Gate 1 or 2, which is regarded as one of the best (Baldur’s Gate 2)

The enhanced edition hasn’t changed the core elements of the game.  It’s a top down / diagonal view of an area, and you control your party by selecting them with the mouse and issuing orders.  Combat is pause and play, so you can come up with a strategy then execute it.

An RPG to its core, and it follows a set of D&D rules, which I’m very unfamiliar with as I never played D&D. 

The characters interact with one another, often randomly, and sometimes due to their alignment (someone lawful good may have beef with someone who is chaotic evil for example).   I know this because in the next playthrough I upload, something completely drastic and unexpected happens in the party.  Couldn’t believe it. 

I was advised that Baldur’s Gate 2 is so good, that I shouldn’t even bother with part 1.  But I’ve liked it a lot so far.  The writing and atmosphere had been very good, I feel.  In regards to ratings or reviews, Baldur’s Gate 2 is regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time.

For a game that came out in 98, I think it’s held up very well for those reasons.

Apologies if you knew any, or all of this already.

2020-04-23 00:45:21

Well, I have enjoyed both of those playthroughs so far. I am really drawn in with the story in Death stranding. I Think the voice actin has been really  good so far. Wow, so Baldure´s gate 1 was released in 98? I am 28 today and i was born in 91 so I was only 7 years old when that game released. I have never Heard about it Before so I like to see you present this game.

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2020-04-25 14:28:25

Hey all,

Part 4 is now up:

https://anchor.fm/gorillasplaythrough/e … ath-ed7oao


The second half of this playthrough has a description of all the enemies encountered to this point, what they look like, as well as the scenes that were not included in the demo.

Hope everyone is doing well

2020-04-25 19:28:35

for some reason part one isn't showing up on my podcast playiners episode list..

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2020-04-25 23:43:35

That's weard, 58. what you using?

And gorilla, I think I got a laugh someware in the game's description, nice job!

I am a blind chiptune lover! if you want my chiptune folder, the sync is BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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2020-04-25 23:44:38

and gorilla, PMS ahoy!

I am a blind chiptune lover! if you want my chiptune folder, the sync is BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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2020-04-26 04:13:44

Hey michael, yes let us know which one

juan, good to hear and could have been my cat.  He's been trying to make cameos for a long while now.

2020-04-27 02:48:20

Gorilla, it could have also been the mettal icecream cones robots, you know the one, haha.

I am a blind chiptune lover! if you want my chiptune folder, the sync is BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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2020-04-27 02:52:38

Gorilla, PMS ahoy!

I am a blind chiptune lover! if you want my chiptune folder, the sync is BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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2020-04-28 00:25:26

I rather play the game first and then listen to playthrough later.

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2020-04-29 02:13:24

or dragons, you could do boath

I am a blind chiptune lover! if you want my chiptune folder, the sync is BDWPPUHPJKVQGO3OVD62ZYZ6IDL4DOHSR

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2020-04-29 15:16:31

oh i found it i got confused it was showing me the episodes i'd not listened to yet. sorry.

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2020-04-29 15:17:10

oh i have a bit of a request if posible? can you tur nthe music setting down a bit for me the dialog is a bit hard to hear sometimes. specially during a fight scene.

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2020-05-01 19:50:39

Hey all,

Part 5 is up! Played with the audio levels a lot on this one, hopefully the voice audio and game audio mesh better now:


Other formats:
Podcast:  https://anchor.fm/gorillasplaythrough
Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/Gorillas-Playthr … 811084581/
Website:  https://gorillasplaythrough.wordpress.com/
Tumblr: https://gorillasplaythrough.tumblr.com/

Hope everyone is doing well.

2020-05-03 23:14:29


Another fantastic video as ever, I thought the audio worked really well. Again, loved the extra bit at the end describing everything too. keep up the excellent work

Paul Lemm

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2020-05-03 23:16:50


I don’t know if anyone else spotted it, but  right from the first video, I thought Wedges voice in the game was really familiar, but couldn’t quite place where I’d heard it before. It was only in part 4 when he made a reference to needing a quick pick me up, I realised its Badger from the TV series Breaking Bad, I reckon they  got him to add that line in their just because of breaking bad hahaha
Paul Lemm

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2020-05-04 01:49:47


Good catch..  I actually thought the actors for Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie have been the most convincing so far.  There's an NPC on this next part whose voice I recognize from Skyrim, kinda cool to hear her again.

2020-05-04 13:19:47

Part 6 is up.  I really liked this part of the game.


Podcast:  https://anchor.fm/gorillasplaythrough/episodes/
Collection:  https://gorillasplaythrough.wordpress.com/

2020-05-06 15:05:14


Great work on getting this video out so quickly . As ever I thought the audio description was excellent. Like yourself, I really enjoyed the actual video too, it was nice to start to see more of the story, characters and find out more about the world too.  Like  when they were explaining about the town up on top, I’d completely forgotten how it was all laid out until Jessie started explaining the city and the slums beneath. Again, huge thanks for the work that goes into these, although I missed bennies contribution this week smile

Paul Lemm

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2020-05-07 02:41:52

Thanks!  And we need to get Benny in on the next one.  That was cool with Jessie, and I was impressed with the scene when Cloud gets off of the train, and the voiced chatter they added from all of the bystanders.  Good stuff so far.

2020-05-07 22:43:20

It's good, can't wait for more smile

Every day is a good day!
When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!

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