2020-03-13 11:31:08 (edited by black_mana 2020-03-13 15:01:35)

I played the game before   it was closed
at omer,   the sounds of the zombies are from  call of duty as far as i remember them, i know because i managed to rip c o d2's sounds off

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2020-03-13 14:13:29

Hi manuel.
I am happy that you have started a development of this title.
Are you goint to add more game modes like it is in another shooters like last man standing, capture the flag or any cooperative capaingn.
It is only a week to the public release so I am waiting for this.
You are amazing.

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2020-03-13 15:30:32

this is definately going to be fun, it sounds like there are a bunch new weapons, possibly i might do better and get higher than wave 8 solo.

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2020-03-13 16:04:43

@51 if you hear closely  to a old recording of the game you will see that the zombies sound different now, guns as well.

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2020-03-13 16:46:33

I liked the old zombie noises more, they added comic value.

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2020-03-13 17:26:23

I actually like the new zombie sounds a bit more, I think they sound more zombie ish. Also the weapons sound better as well

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2020-03-13 17:48:38

so i see that none of the download pages work, for the blindgames or worldwide adition. What is the difference? and it looks like its back but you can't get either of them

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2020-03-13 18:17:50

It would be very awesome if we could create custom maps in the future I think, than we could build a lot of cool stuf.

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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2020-03-13 19:01:39

@57 The game isn't released yet. According to the dev it will be released on the 20th.

And yeah I've only just now seen the worldwide version, I assume that he made a special version with graphics.

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2020-03-13 19:34:06

yes, if the game hat grafix I could play it with my sighted friends, that would be so cool.

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2020-03-13 19:40:03 (edited by Lucas1853 2020-03-13 19:40:43)

No the Blind games version is exclusively for Russian speakers, where you will be banned if you connect to the server and are not Russian, whereas the worldwide version is for everyone.


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2020-03-13 20:00:59

Exactly. The Blind Games version is a special version made for such community. Validation there is via an account in their server. Think about it like in an oauth workflow. Undead Assault asks for an authorization token to their server and of course, an account must be created in that community before playing. The worldwide version does not include this validation process, is just the game as you remember it. And that's about the only difference between both versions.

2020-03-13 21:06:53

I wil be very glad to help you with some ideas, I am ritskie from the game when it was up, wunder if you stil know me lol.
If you like to get in contact with me, you can use my skype, it is Jesseisblind.

Sorry for my very stupit spelling and english

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2020-03-13 22:57:28

Will the game have those death character quotes as the previous version did? Those were fun and I didn't hear that in these new trailers.

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2020-03-14 00:02:03

Vaya vaya vaya!
Manuel, finalmente lo reviviste! I really appreciate you're work in the game, and eaven the spanish users including myself liked it!

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2020-03-14 03:58:12

i'm guessing the blind-games version isn't out yet either, event hough it says that it is?

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2020-03-14 05:08:34

Undead Assault is returning?  Oh, Hell, yes!  I really enjoyed the game when I played it, though the lag threw me off a little bit. 
Oh this is the best news I've heard in a long time!

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2020-03-14 05:42:22

#66 the blind games version is already released, though the first available version was exclusively released in the official community sites. The second and later versions are going to be released in the same website than the worldwide version.

2020-03-14 12:07:09

This is awesome news.
i never got around to trying it before, but I have heard nothing but good things about the game, and indeed it definitely needs a db entry.

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2020-03-14 12:48:55

Where can I download the blind gamers version? I have the account there.

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2020-03-14 14:09:37

#70 look for the download link in the Blind Game's VK profile.

2020-03-14 14:24:15

If you have only account for blind.games you will not have permissions to play this, I know that you need to be accepted by the administration of this community.

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2020-03-14 14:51:15

Hello Manuel and Undead assault  team. Firstly Thank you for gread news. I've red from 2 days and It's hard to believe that this game's upcoming soon for us, so I hope that future working  with this game run without bigger difficulties. I have question about future features like Cooperation mode and missions. Are you going to add these?
Secondly Have you thought about starting this project on kickstarter? I know that it will be added possibility to donate this, but Kick starter company could bring more money for development. I wish progresive further working and as gamer I really look forward to more informations and possibility to play?
Greetings for you Manuel and rest of undead assault team.

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2020-03-14 15:38:07

i'm still confused what you have to get the blind-games edition of undead assault, its not clear to me or the friend i'm trying to help get it, neither of us are sure. If you just try searching up undead, you get an old post from 4 years ago. I heard someone here talk about a  profile on VK, and having the admins accept you. What does all of that mean? what would you have to do to get the admins aproval.

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2020-03-14 16:58:27

#74 have a brief summary about that.

  • Blind Games is a Russian community devoted entirely to games, accessibility on games and stuff like that. Think about this like the Russian audiogames.

  • As this community is targeted at Russian Speaking People, the first and most important requirement is that you are able to speak Russian and register in their site.

  • You also must register in their TeamTalk server, and here the account validation takes place. They need to accept your account because they must ensure everyone who register there is really able to interact with people in Russian, that this person is not faking their account and stuff like that. So, if you really do use a translator or are unable to interact with them, I'd advice you to not register there cause they will not accept accounts failing with those requirements.

  • Once they have confirmed you indeed can interact with the whole community (if you can, would help to chat with them, interact via VK or something, if you do know Russian I don't have to tell you about what's VK), you will be able to find the version specifically made for such Community and use undead Assault.

  • Once more, if you neither are capable of writing/reading in Russian, nor interacting with people in Russian, It's better to not attempt to create any account there. You will not be validated, will lose your time, and time of moderation team from there. Oh and also you may be banned from the game if someone, somehow, gets logged-in by faking information nor using translator to faking Russian skills and stuff. And those bans are permanent in both variants of the game.