2020-03-12 04:21:08

Hi all,

First time posting here in this section, so sorry if I I've posted in the wright direction.
Recently or yesterday (since I've been reading christian's last topick and since I hate it to say it but he is my enemy, but thanks that he has been banned), I've been taking in account that really at this moment kids are so dangerous to the comunity in general. I have been posting in topics that he created or that he participed it to tell to restrict the audiogames comunity to be major than 13 or 14 years, but noone give a responce, nore positive nore negative, about that desition. If I doo break the rools with this topic I'm sorry, but I cannot wait my time with toomany kid radicalism, so I'm posting this if you agree or disagree with the desition that I was posting on his/their topic/s.

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2020-03-12 07:37:32

I started using this forum in my early teens, and Now I'm in my early 20s. Should I have not been allowed? Also, I think you said you're 19, right? How long ago did you register? I can't read that info right now because I'm on an IPhone. If you registered a few years ago, congratulations, you registered when you were a kid too.

Signature start:
I don't mind if you disagree with my opinions, but if you're going to dismiss something I say, please explain why you don't agree with me. You don't have to, but it helps me understand you better. I don't like when I write out my thoughts about something and try to make people understand my opinions, only to be told I'm wrong and not be told why someone thinks that.

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2020-03-12 11:12:23

He did in 2013, lol.

2020-03-12 11:13:33

And people expect us to enforce this how?

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2020-03-12 11:47:05

I disagree with the OP, with utmost vehemence.

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2020-03-12 12:38:26

I was 13 when I started using the net myself!  If I had chanced upon this forum you wouldn't have seen me behaving far too differently then than you do now.  Should I also not have been allowed?
And if others are right, you were once a child on here, too.  Would you have said you should have been kept off of this forum?
But even more importantly, what do you propose be done about it?  You say kids should not be allowed; should we make it to where you have to somehow submit proof of adulthood perhaps by having to register with a credit card or something?  Just how many people do you think would actually sign up that way when people already have issues with the moderation panel as it is?  Would you be willing?

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2020-03-12 12:45:48

Their is no way to inforce this as someone could lie about their age while filling out the form.  And How would you expect the mods to make it work?

Their is no such thing as a master.  One is never done learning, and those who claim to be a master at something are far from becoming one!!

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2020-03-12 14:13:51

I also disagree with the OP. I signed up to this forum in 2005. I was 10! It became, and still is, part of my daily routine. I discovered the audiogames website in 2004, and when the forum arrived... of course I took the jump, stayed ever since.

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2020-03-12 15:59:45

ah come on, you were once a kid, weren't you?

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2020-03-12 16:14:26

Hmm, no kids heh? I'd personally call it myself a childish behaviour, also, I must agree with the others about being a kid one day, unless you came to this world already grown up. Sorry for being a bit, let's say, rude here. But have you ever considered what you're saying before posting?
Best regards, Haramir.

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2020-03-12 17:15:59

Have to agree with anybody else here. You can't just restrict the forum for "kids". Besides, they are not all like Christian, believe me.

Side note: I can't remember a single post from you where the word radical wasn't used in some way. I can't also recall a single post where that word made the slightest sense.

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2020-03-12 17:51:00

Am convinced OP does not know what radicalism means.

I do not know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future.

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2020-03-13 02:46:10

Agreer, Nocturnus. It's often difficult to also understand what he is saying mostly because of the world choice that he uses, like techno (in the sense that he used it). At times it's super confusing to read his posts.

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2020-03-13 11:17:45

I stated using this forum when i was   11, i registered in 2016 but i knew about it   sence 2015, back then i didn't know  a hole lot about audiogaming and  my english was very bad, now that i look at my  very first  few post i laugh about them
you were wonce   a kid when you first came here and registered on the forum, i was wonce 2, but now  i am groing up, i'm not that kind of a guy  i used to be, same goes for others, also how  are they going to  controle     the registration if  this kind of a system is introduced? mods/admins have enough to strugle with already

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2020-03-13 15:12:51

i'll just speak my mind
you're the only kid here
a big kid
next time dont use words you dont know the meanning of
I se you useing the word radecul a lot
just google the meanning of it and you wont say it again
that word is a lot bigger than you


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2020-03-13 16:45:23

The sad thing is that he's actually not. He's like, at least 20 I believe. I'd wager he has some kind of learning disability or something.

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2020-03-13 19:51:48

Christian got banned? Yay! Sorry if that was childish, but it just came to my mind, and also electro the other thing that comes to my mind here is this is age judging and some more rude people would maybe also call that discrimination, while i would disaggree with that.

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2020-03-14 00:37:21

Yes I can say that I disagree with this.
There is not  a real way to prove if you or are not a kid or whatever, so adding this would be useless.

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2020-03-14 19:48:16

Damn the stupid power hungry mods!
They want me to verify my age by giving them my ID number! What radical behaviour! AWWWWWWWWWW! Post 1, you're such a radicalistic radical radliclist! I say, we should do something about these radiclists on this foru!

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2020-03-16 12:39:26

@1 first: everyone is not one, like christian. Every kid is not like him.
Second: Kids are not the humans? You was not kid when you registered here? And also you are not doing imature things now too? should i start anyaudio thingy?
Aa maiby you will say and you was doing mistakes too and yeah you are right, me, i was and sometimes doing a mistake, cause i'm a human.
I don't know any human whitch doesn't make any mistake, but i know human, whitch is trying to be best and trying to change.
So think now.

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2020-03-20 22:25:20

oh no, I'm a kid. darn, liam, if you will restrict  kids from the forum, I'll higher 69 christian's and send it to your stream.

allow me to speak more,
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2020-03-21 00:40:44

@21... damn that really made me laugh, 69 Christians? Great name for a band lmao. Highly ironic. Lol

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2020-03-21 09:21:56

@ 1, i also disagree with you, because like all the posts here said that all the kids are not like cristian.
and i registerd in this forum i think in 2018 and that time i was only a bit higher than your age limit what u said. i was 14+++++ that time, means, i was closer to 15. and now i am closer to 17

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2020-03-21 16:09:34

It can't be enforced. Plus, sometimes the best way to grow up is to fall flat on your face a few times. Provided said person learns from their mistakes, it will actually help them out in the long run, not just on this forum. Of course, all depends on the way each situation is handled.
I spammed the forum up a bit when I was 8 or 9 as well. In retrospect, I've definitely had some doubts about whether signing up at such a young age was a good idea, but ultimately I don't think I regret it.

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2020-03-21 17:06:02

Sometimes I wonder how I would be as a person if I had found out about the forum when I got my first computer back in 13, 14 there about. I would have been 7 or 8. I shudder to wonder if I would have been like Christian, or if I would have been more mature. I  think if I found out about the international blind community, I might have been more techy. Thank god for Adel, or I would have never found out about audiogames. Back then I thought the only audiogames were top speed, duck blaster and another game I can't remember. Those were the days. Now I know about Manamon, A hero's Call, and about programming languages like Python, BGT etc. I probably would have figured about Python but at a later date. If the forum was restricted I think I may have been less well-rounded. This forum, is not just a place to talk about games, but a place to have fun, grow and have new experiences. Learning how to deal with the flamefests on this forum can train us how to handle everyday employer fuckery. Our writing skills improve, plus our speaking and conversational skills. It would be a damn shame if they were to restrict the forum to over 14, especially in the technology era.

The meaning of life is, for you to define your own meaning of life. Find your own purpose, your own path, sing your own song, dance to your own beat, dream your dreams, live your life.
Dont answer ignorance with more ignorance. Dont hate someone who hates you. By you returning the same treatement to them, your just as stupid, and as cruel as the person.

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