2020-03-14 18:38:41

aryamansingh, please, stop, posting twice, in a row.

I would rather listen to someone who can actually play the harmonica than someone who somehow managed to lose seven of them. Me, 2019.

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2020-03-14 19:04:06

bro why are you getting angry?
okay I will not post anything now in a row.
just do not get angry bro.
stay chill

recreational activities that I like to do are listening to Music like to play Casio and also I like to socially interact with people

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2020-03-14 19:14:25

Well since the outbreak, the sale of Corona has dropped dramatically.

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2020-03-14 19:16:29

When I went shopping on Wednesday, toilet paper was one of the things nearly gone off of the shelves.. Not the only thing, but there were other more important things in my mind to stock up on.. Soups, Ramen and other foods.. This has for sure gotten way worst than I imagined.. Please take care of yourselves, people. By the sound of it, the spread of this was thanks to people doing what they were advised not to do. Hopefully we can ride this out if we stay smart and safe.. I have little faith in government..

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2020-03-14 19:18:50

@98 most of the countries with infections follow a nearly exponential process, because every corona patient infects on average two or three others. So this means that for a long time, the number of infected will double every two-four days, until it hopefully flattens out and begins to trend down after a peak.

I used to be a knee like you, then I took an adventurer in the arrow.

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2020-03-14 21:34:56

Well, over here in the UK, our ever intelligent guvvernment have decided that the best way to resolve the situation would be to do absolutely nothing, oh, and tell everyone to sing happy birthday while washing their hands. We can't forget that part. Mean while, my college have decided to be similarly idiotic. Basically, every once in a while we have these home weekends designed so that those of us who can't go home on the regular can see our families, that sort of thing. I have expected it to be canceled in light of covid19, but nope. Every single one of us went home on Friday, and we'll all be going back on Sonday. A lot of us live in very different parts of the world. Quite a few of us have outings and other things going on over the weekend. Do you see the problem? I was actually talking to a friend about this recently, who like me has emunecompremised family members, and it's safe to say I'm more than a little worried what might happen to my dad, who's only recently stopped chemo, and is due to start again in about a month or so.

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2020-03-14 21:57:12

If anyone's curious on where I'm getting my data (re: Trump is an idiot about Covid 19), here's the long and short of it.
He's been informed since late January that this virus can't be contained. It's not logistically possible. So what did he do? Travel bans and quarantines. And here's the thing. Those sorts of policies didn't speed the virus up, but instead of simultaneously alerting health officials and priming America for the inevitable outbreak, Trump and his administration kept essentially saying how few cases there were. Then Washington State happened, and it became impossible to ignore. Fun (or not so fun) fact: the first person to die of Covid 19 on American soil had never been to Italy, Iran or China, according to several sources.
The travel bans and a focus on "keep the virus out" also had a psychological effect. Not only is it a very "us vs. them" sort of mentality, but I strongly suspect that Chinese people, or Italian people for that matter, suddenly started getting treated worse over this, for no appreciable reason whatsoever.
Again, Trump was warned about this multiple times by multiple experts. His main response was to double down and to say that the democrats were trying to prey on fear. They weren't though. These were epidemeologists saying that certain diseases simply cannot be contained, and that the best thing you can do, essentially, is brace for impact and develop best management strategies for inevitable epidemic conditions.
To summarize:
1. He ignored experts
2. He closed borders, promoting hostility and making it a race/country issue when it isn't
3. He tried blaming other people for scare-mongering
4. He did little or nothing to help health agencies prepare for what was coming

This is not a man who should be in charge of a grocery store, much less a country in crisis. I think this sort of thing is going to be hard for even a dyed-in-the-wool republican supporter to hand-wave, when people realize that Trump's failures here are apt to cost Americans their lives, and may have significantly contributed to the slower-than-ideal response time in mobilizing effective treatment strategies.

Moral of the story: when multiple experts tell you things, and they know more than you, just fucking admit it. Sometimes you're outclassed. Sometimes, others really do know more than you do. And if you're in charge of a country, being right matters a whole hell of a lot less than doing right.

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2020-03-14 23:00:29

Honestly, I don't think we're doing much better in Canada.
There's the travel advisory thing that's happening, but all that's being said is that you "should" self quarantine if you travel out of country.
I know many people myself who have ignored this, against all advice given to them.
People are dumb animals, for the most part. We're lucky evolution gave us as much as it did, but in groups we're still pathetic.

Prier practice and preparation prevents piss poor performance!

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2020-03-14 23:32:14

Guys I just got a message from my uncle in Italy they're apparently right now stacking pizzas on the parking lots of most hospitals and there have been apparently some explosions in iran and this dude from Denmark just found this tweet where some literally who who I know is somehow connected to my other uncle has an uncle that tells her that there are literal demons and cave men with robot arms running around spreading the virus and screaming something about dead memes and how this is all connected also they kidnapped Xi Jing Ping and took him to Mars where hes right now being raped by some monstrous spacebirds guys I'm scared can someone help me with this?

PS: This is unironic, they're right now debating should they shut down the schools or not. Some even say they won't go. I managed to get allowed not to go because of some Astma complications but other's aren't that lucky.

If life gives you communism, become a communist dictator.

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2020-03-14 23:56:36

So I think that  Trump was a total idiot  the way he dealt with this, waiting until things got out of hand to close borders instead of shuttering schools etc, before things started getting bad.
I think this pandemic will have some posetive effects in the US though,  by demonstrating to people the inadequacies
of a market run healthcare system, rather than a government one. I would expect approval of such a system to go up, when this gets bad, and people can't be treated due to an influx of people into hospitals,  and when more people start facing high insurance costs due to having to visit the  hospital, I think the "I am a healthy 25 year old, I shouldn't be forced to buy insurance" argument should go out the door.

A learning experience is one of those things that say, "You know that thing you just did? Don't do that."

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2020-03-15 00:24:33

Isn't the price for insurance usually ridiculously high? I mean, I can see how some people don't have insurance because your effectively paying for something that a company then pays for (making it a useless expenditure).

"On two occasions I have been asked [by members of Parliament!]: 'Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out ?' I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question."    — Charles Babbage.
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2020-03-15 00:33:13

Here is what is happening in my state.
We are currently on Spring break, and at my school, we were scheduled to return on March 22, but yesterday, the Florida Department of Education is requiring them to keep us until March 30.
In my case, since I am at a blind school and stay in the dorm, I head back on March 29

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2020-03-15 01:16:13

The reason it is crazily expensive in the first place is the lack of regulations, price controls, and the presence of for profit private insurerers. Most other developed countries have a national health pllan, which noone can opt out of, and which have only a payroll or premium deduction, after which you face basicly no fees.

A learning experience is one of those things that say, "You know that thing you just did? Don't do that."

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2020-03-15 02:01:29

My work pays roughly $500 a month for me to have insurance, in addition to the U.S. taxes that get put into medicare and medicaid, and an additional $200 comes out of my paycheck on top of that.

If you're as young as I think, and to the many other people on here who definitely are, it wasn't that long ago in the U.S. that being blind meant not getting insurance at all.  It was a major uphill battle in the U.S. to get the medical system to the point where you could be disabled and have insurance, and without insurance even routine medical stuff often costs upwards of $10000.

We tried to fix this using free market coupled with taxes, because if you say that the insurance companies have to sell to everyone, then only sick people buy them and they go out of business by paying more than you put in, and if we say that the government is taking it over the U.S. screams socialism.  Only that didn't work,both for political and non-political reasons, and now we're back at the point where if you have any reasonably complex medical situation you have to get it through an employer because the really good plans that can cover anything  worth it are only available to companies who buy them on their employees' behalves.  Don't get me wrong, the ACA did a lot, but that a lot amounts to us not even equalling the worst of the developed nations that offer government healthcare.

Plus in the U.S. drug companies (like with many other markets) cornered the market, and effectively have the FDA on their side, and it's only even recently that we're starting to talk about importing foreign drugs without requiring U.S. specific clinical trials.  I'm on a very common drug whose out of pocket cost without insurance is $5000 a month, and where the company behind it used patent litigation to get all the companies that have generics ready to go to agree not to release until 2023 for the thread of lawsuits (Humira, for those who want to do research; it's a blockbuster drug, used for at least 10 different things).

Go to most European countries, and the government just runs healthcare, everyone gets health insurance.  You don't have to be employed for the good plans, you don't have to pay out the ass for it, and the taxes are actually not even higher than normal U.S. taxes, often even overall lower.  When I discuss medical stuff with my friends in Canada or Europe they can't believe how bad it is here.  When I explain that I make six figures but still think I may not be able to retire because in the U.S. even that's not enough to really get access to the medical system, the conversation just jumps to whole new levels of surreal.

I fully expect that the patients who get Covid-19 will be the ones fronting the cost in the U.S.  Insurance will fight tooth and nail, as it usually does, and the government probably won't step in, because to my knowledge it never has before.  And for most people even if insurance does cover, you still have to pay out of pocket 20% or more, which is usually in the thousands of dollars.  People always try to counter with "But the UK has waiting lists" and it's just like yeah, but we don't because people are afraid to go to the doctor because if the doctor says something bad enough you're going to go bankrupt (I am being literal;it's about half a million people a year this happens to, and most of Europe, maybe all, does not have this problem).  I fully expect there's going to be personal Covid-19 bankruptcies because the U.S. is this fucked up.

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2020-03-15 02:23:15

Then again, this covid-19 outbreak might not lead to change, as the government might pass a bill to fund covid-19 related treatment to appease the masses. But then again, given that the fact that emergency workers had to file a lawsuit against the federal government to cover the cancer treatments they needed after being exposed to the asbestus dust when the twin towers collapsed, this might not be likely.

A learning experience is one of those things that say, "You know that thing you just did? Don't do that."

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2020-03-15 02:57:34

Hah. I doubt any such bill will pass.  Someone might propose it, of course. But the U.S. is long, long past being able to do simple, straightforward solutions like giving money directly to people who need it in emergencies.

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2020-03-15 03:03:47

Yeah here in the wild west the government is more likely to react to an outcry rather than act on initiative for the good of the citizens so yee haw, we're SOL.

I just read this article about Amazon cracking down on people who bought crapton of hand sanitizers to sell at a 500 percent markup and now they have over 17000 bottles of inventory that they can't sell. How much do y'all wanna bet that that's also what happened to all the toilet paper? I seriously cant believe that every single Costco in my area is out of the stuff!

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2020-03-15 03:43:46

Way back in this thread, I told people to think about what they're doing about groceries in case this gets worse.  It got worse.  Instacart in my area is now requiring you to schedule deliveries 2 days in advance, and we aren't even at anything official quarantine-ish yet.

Hoping that if I wait until tomorrow or Monday, when we're closer to people working, I'll be able to get more reasonable time windows and not have to deal with the primary problem of a 2 days in advance order basically being entirely unavailable/different items/etc.

The U.S. is now around 3000 cases, up from just a couple hundred by this time last week.  For all of those who didn't understand exponential curves, here's your hard life lesson.

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2020-03-15 06:12:53

Well, in new zealand, its not that bad just yet.
6 cases so far, don't travel unless you must.
If you must you must self isolate.
No garantee that everyone is going to do that though.
All events are canceled, no idea about universities and schools going closed but a lot of stuff is online so if its necessary it probably will be ok.
A lot of university stuff can be done online anyway.
So right now the message is stay at home if you are sick, again no way to really inforce this.
You can travel round the country, schools are open for now, but hmmm with no sports anywhere, or concerts and events and with a lot in tourism and other industries slated to lose jobs, who knows what will happen.
The panic buying seems to have stopped, and in the places I go a lot still happens.
Not much at night.
All asian people avoid all the eateries though including their own places and its quiet.
One thing is that at least people are keeping their distance and being less rood than they usually are.
We are told that we should keep alert and continue living.
There is talk though if it got bad enough everyone would be isolated to our home district and then our own houses including the government.
They are planning for a full shutdown or at least running government on minimal levels if they really have to.
Supplies will freely come and go as needed and we have a dedicated group of people working on it, one is a friend of a friend and these guys report to those in charge every day, every day, on the hour so we are kept informed.
Things change as they change.
I was planning to go to a food event at the end of march but good luck that it happens.
We had a fun run that I went on at the start of march, and it was all sanitiser this and that and organic food.
However its probably this for this year.
People have said this thing could go on for the next 2 years.
Its not going to go on for the next 2 years.
We have enough cash to survive though eventually we will run out and its expected we will be without much cash by the end of this.
Other places are not as lucky.
Right now they say we will survive.
Right now 3-4 months is the timeframe.
After that time, we may be out of resources at which point, who knows.
One thing's for sure, there will be no way to survive as we currently do after 6 months, thats the crunch goal.
If we don't figure this out within the next 3-6 months then we will be in trouble.
There are a lot of things on the line.
Tourism will die all over the place, jobs will be lost.
They don't say that but the crime rate will probably go up.
Now if bad things can ever be good, our country has survived through a terror attack last year and at least 3 earthquakes this century so there is a chance that we will probably survive.
People are making sure their civil defence stockpiles are up.
We have enough toiletpaper, and food and a lot of other stuff whould we need it.
A lot of measures are being held in reserve by  the government so we have some room to move if things get worse.
Everyone is working on a vaxeen and all they need is time.
People that got sick can get the virus a second times if your imune system is low.
We should be ok as long as we watch our asses.
That is what we are told.
Right now they are trying to stop being overwelmed but to be honest if it all went to hell, then I am unsure what we'd do.
In those countries that its all gone to buggery allready, they seem totally unable to do much.
In fact for a change people are thinking shutting down everything may not be the best idea unless its needed.
I actually think we are one of the more sainer countries though.
Winter seems to be the crashpoint, if we last winter then we will survive.
Of course we have resources now, if it really goes nuts, it may be time to up and leave this world and go to another.
I am not interested to watch this planet burn.

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2020-03-15 06:35:54

From what I've heard, you can't find toilet paper in a lot of stores in the US. Some people told me that when they went into their local store, they were completely out

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2020-03-15 06:41:44

Actually, Canada is doing a decent job (read: not a great job) at fighting this thing.
Justin Trudeau has authorized a billion-dollar budget to help fight the virus. As far as how it's being allocated, I'm not a hundred percent sure yet.
Some ISPs are letting you go over your datacaps without charge.
Schools are being shut down to stop people from coming into contact with one another. My own school went from saying that only extracurriculars were cancelled, to saying school is suspended outright for a week and then will resume online.
To my knowledge, Canada hasn't been ignoring experts. In fact, I'm pretty sure that we've had a breakthrough in Ontario regarding a vaccine. A vaccine is still going to take awhile, of course, but we're making good in-roads there.
So did we do the best and most proactive job we could? Hell no. But we didn't ignore experts, we didn't racialize the threat, we didn't simply close borders and pretend the problem is Chinese. Now that shit's getting real, Canada appears to be stepping up fairly nicely.

Now, if only Canadians would stop buying up mass amounts of toilet paper and hand sanitizer...

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2020-03-15 07:03:21

Here in the Philippines, President Duterte has ordered a lock down of metro manila. That means no traveling in or out of metro manila unless you work there, you are a member of the media and you have other medical reasons. We have  a total of 111 cases with 8 deaths.

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2020-03-15 08:39:33

You know what kills me about this?
Why now are they telling us, "Oh. Wash your hands. Make sure to keep things clean".
You would think nobody was doing that with the amount of times my school told us that

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2020-03-15 13:09:11

lol They wouldn't be re-stressing this if it weren't important, and if it weren't already established.
I don't exactly keep firm tabs on this, but I've been in many a men's room in my day, and the number of dudes who go to the bathroom and then leave without washing their hands would probably astound you. Pretty disgusting, actually.

So yeah. This is being stressed because, despite hygiene being good practice, a lot of humans don't seem to think it's worth the bother, and need to be told over and over before it clicks.

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2020-03-15 13:28:45

India has reached above hundred cases, and Maharashtra, for any of you who cares to no, is the state where the cases are highest at 31.

I also read an article about someone appearing on the Joe Rogan's podcast, and the guy was an health expert. according to him, he, and many others like him, were warning that something like this can happen. but politicians, the wonderful people they are, not wanting to rock the boat and all, didn't pay any attention.

Scratch that. let's change it a little. the public did not pay attention.

There were other viruses if you remember. zika, and ebola, both of them just did not spread fast like coronavirus. otherwise, we would have been talking about them. I am sure there were others, and I am also sure that not all of them came out of China.

As for the recession, well, I actually was thinking that another recession was coming since the last September of 2019. the only difference is, that the government has to blame something this time.

I don't know whether to be happy that I don't have any stupidity to report anymore, or to be happy that I do have to be happy in the first place for not reporting the stupidity of the people in these dangerous times.

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