2020-03-06 03:01:05

Hey. Changed my e-mail on the forum. It says I'm supposed to get some sort of validation link. I haven't, but everything seems fine anyway.  Is this normal?

Wondering if the .io domain broke it or something.

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2020-03-06 11:23:25

Weird. When I updated it with my new email a few weeks ago I got sent a link I had to click before it actually updated.

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2020-03-07 04:17:06

The email system was recently brought back to life in the best way we know how without actually having access to the underlying server, thanks Liam and mailgun. I'll keep this in mind and see if I can't get my hands on an email with a .io domain. In the meantime, would you mind getting in contact with me off forum, providing your new email address?
Consider it for the sake of formality, I'm rather sure you are who you say you are, but just so I can say I did.

I have quite a bit in my profile, though more info will be provided upon request. Also, just for future reference, topics of this nature ordinarily go in site and forum feedback so I've moved it here.

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2020-03-07 05:17:30

Would be happy to. All I've got for you is forum e-mail though.  E-mail [email protected] and we can take it from there?  My old address has slowly become my spam address so would be good to get this changed.  We can work out whatever identity authentication you'd prefer--I have GitHub obviously, and access to the old address.

I doubt it's the .io domain if this is going via Mailgun, they're pretty reliable.

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