2020-02-15 00:04:50

I have 3 more folders to complete. that being documents, desktop, and users.
but, how the hell do I beat the baus in the users folder, the pesky thing keeps removing tiles ware ever it goes!
I cant knife it, that only worked with pictures, cause i'm not good at platforming.
so, how do I beat the user baus?

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2020-02-15 00:33:15

The readme file has info on all the bosses. However, for the one in users, you always want it to be to your left, so always be ahead of it. Once it comes close, fire a few laser shots and jump away to the right again. Keep doing this until it dies. You can do a few quick knife hits too, but you have to be much faster than with the laser. If you die, it will be on your rite, so jump over the boss and repeat the same procedure.

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