2020-02-06 16:02:37

please can you try the tk again? (link removed)

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2020-02-06 16:09:44

Please send your ears in for repairs?
Also, I'll report you.

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2020-02-06 16:10:52

Why do you do it again?
You know for sure what will happen to your topic exxactly like yesterday.
Please, just don't do it anymore on here.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2020-02-06 16:18:48

wel before this gets closed; lets just say this
enes; I warned you menny times to not post in here

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2020-02-06 16:41:53

you guys don't freakin get tyred of this? I mean... for real folks, I mean, this is getting stupid and borring.
Let it be, once and forever! people like you are nothing but a big and black  spot in this forum

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. he gives to the human being complete joy and happyness. Why don't you receive him today?

2020-02-06 16:43:56

the killer isn't allowed here because clones arn't legal here

What do you call a deer with no eyes?
No idear.

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2020-02-06 16:44:39

Rossman, This is the second time in as many days you have been told that the distribution of TK and other such clones are not allowed on here.  Closing this topic, with action incoming.

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2020-02-06 21:26:55

By unanimous vote, Rossman is being banned permanently.

Look, folks. If you show up here as a new user and you do something bad once, it's not necessarily the end of the world. You'll catch a warning and you can learn from your behaviour.
But when you show up, and within two days publish links to the same unauthorized game two separate times after receiving a warning? We take an extremely dim view on this sort of behaviour.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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