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Welcome Wayfarer!

Your journey in the world of Blind Quest begins NOW!
We are releasing our new audiogame today!

Check out the new release trailer!


Blind Quest is a fantasy role-playing game where you will guide Nathan the mercenary in an epic adventure across the lands of Aetherna.
The Enchanted Castle of King Alen is invaded by ghosts. His daughter, Helen, is in search of a hero who can defeat this supernatural menace and only Nathan, a solitary mercenary, dares to help her.
Explore incredible locations such as the Desert of Sarteras and the Dungeons of Curigos and other 50 maps in 10 different scenarios to explore and interact with!
More than 20 enemies to face in an engaging turn-based combat system! Battle against terrible foes like the Necromancer, the Crystal Dragon and many more!
With 3 or more hours of gameplay and a high level of replayability Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle is a true fantasy epic!

Save the reign of Reldia and princess Helen! Become a LEGEND!
Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle is available at 4.90€ with a special launch discount of 20%!
For the release week, Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle will have a special discount!
From 13 February, 2020 Blind Quest will return at his standard pricing, 5.90€.

Follow the link for the store page of Blind Quest - The Enchanted Castle on Audiogame.store!
https://www.audiogame.store/en/shop/bli … ed-castle/



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2020-02-06 13:57:08

This belongs in new releases

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2020-02-06 13:58:41

The price as decent, so I will probably stream this on Youtube later.

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2020-02-06 14:02:09

Yeah, I'm actually shocked this doesn't seem to be over priced like their other games. Might actually pick this up as a result.

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2020-02-06 14:15:03

Will this be getting a release on the phones, or is this exclusive to computers this time around?

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2020-02-06 14:28:39

seems exclusive to pc and Mac.
One of the guys behind this account intends to give it a whirl tonight, so stay tuned for that review.
Cheers Perry

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2020-02-06 14:38:18

Self-voiced or SAPI/NVDA? That's a key factor to me, so if anyone knows, give me some info!

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2020-02-06 14:43:57

i even don't  know how it will sounds like, no playing viceo?

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2020-02-06 14:52:12

You know what? This actually isn't half bad.

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2020-02-06 14:52:26

This is great. But is there a demo to try before deciding to purchase?

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2020-02-06 15:12:15

Hi everyone, here I am again!
First of all, thank you for your feedbacks!

The game is narrated by the voice that you listen, so it's in third person. We are currently working on a mobile version but we don't have a release date yet. The demo can be a good idea, so I'll consider it.

Also: if you guys agree, I can make a gameplay trailer, where I play the game and give you some other general infos.
Let me know what do you think.

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2020-02-06 15:42:35

Yeah, but is that NVDa, SAPi or the actor?

“If you are not united,” Jamuka said in a low voice, “you can be broken by those of no importance, just like a single arrow. If you unite, you will be as solid as the five arrows and no person will break you.”

2020-02-06 15:46:51 (edited by max_depa 2020-02-06 15:58:30)

It is a real person, it's an actor from England (David McCallion, you can find him in the credits).

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2020-02-06 16:05:14

Wow, this game should be called Blind quest: A game of healing potions! lol
Seriously, there's just one item and it is healing potion! There's no weapon / armor system and even no stats!
Generally as a narrative story-driven thing it is not that bad but in terms of gameplay? Well.
I feels like it's an RPG for children. Sound design is  minimalistic with totally boring combat, slow meesages you can't skip and long pauses between phrases.
If you'll get a experience points you don't have any idea how many you gained, how many you need to gain next level and levelling is basically doing nothing.
I am playing on difficulty 2  (what an original difficulty names! tongue ) and no matter who I am fighting with I have 100% HP and TONS OF HEALING POTIONS! big_smile
And small bonus at the end! if you'll manage to flee from combat (which is more than easy) you will hear "VICTORY!" lol From the positive side the game is cheap so not that bad but when I was yawning playing this it means I prefer more solid, complex and better RPG (as this one is not that RPG fully)
So sad this genre is not moving forward with releases like that but remains the same.

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2020-02-06 16:14:52 (edited by max_depa 2020-02-06 16:15:24)

Hi Lirin,
there are 13 different items in the game, maybe you're still in early phase!
Talking about difficulties: we had five different testers playing the game constantly, and we tried our best balancing them, but five people can't talk for every player. My advice is: play it at difficult 5 (where enemies hit really harder) and you'll see that having enemies dropping potions is helpful to stay alive!
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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2020-02-06 16:54:29

Hi, I've tried your Blind Quest - The game
enchanted castle. First of all I like it, it's done well. The only thing
you could improve the sounds of battle, because there is only one sound
both for the attack of the enemy and for the attack of the character.
Also generally in the RPG there are the verses of the opponent, for
differentiate a giant from a gnome for example. It would be nice to have
a sound when the character levels up.
Finally, there is a lot of music missing during the game. Your effects are excellent as always, the actor's voice is professional, but is missing
ambient music, and battle music.
Thanks and I hope you take these criticisms constructively, as I like RPGs and I think the story of the game is very well written and fascinating.

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2020-02-06 17:05:57

Hi Ambro86!
I'm glad that you liked the game!
I'm also happy to see constructive criticism and I hope to make the game better after every update; so thank you, I'll consider adding more music! Feel free to contact me in case you got any other feedback.

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2020-02-06 17:51:50

I'm sure I'll give this one a try at some point. I'm very much a Fantasy buff and I've always felt the audio games market doesn't feature enough true RPG's. I have noticed, however, that these games while they almost without exception feature excellent ambiance, tend to leave a lot to be desired when it comes to actual, technical performance.

Conglaturations, you've completed a great game!

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2020-02-06 17:54:51

a gameplay will be really nice. movement etc etc

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2020-02-06 17:55:58

This is a good game. I always enjoy the games that y'all put out.
However I do agree that there needs to be some background music for the different areas and battles. I am currently playing on level 3.
What is the replay value all about?

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2020-02-06 18:37:49 (edited by queenslight 2020-02-06 18:40:18)


I too agree, we need more RPG's out there.


i can't wait to check out this game.!

If ya haven't checked out
, that may not be a bad place to find extra sounds for future updates, or other sites like the above.

2020-02-06 18:38:38

Thanks for your reply! I didn't want to be a jerk or something like that and reviewed it (just quickly so I'll update it for sure) but there are things you can improve:

Sound design could be better with different weapon sounds, enemy types, grunts, painsounds, deaths etc.
Well, there's a bug I guess (?) In the city of... um, no idea how to spell it
there's a fountain. The city is on the west of the deserd and no matter if you want to continue your jourrney to the west or interact with a fountain there's just the same fountain description.

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2020-02-06 18:47:38

Okay, first thing's first, I really like the fact that this game isn't exactly bank breakingly expensive, which meant I could give it a good old try without worrying.

I'm liking the narration, and the background sounds.
I'll say to anyone, this plays a little more like the inquisitor games, with the edition of turn based rpg combat, go around, use shift and tab to cycle between things and control to interact. That is absolutely fine with me, but people probably shouldn't play this if they're looking for something with a lot of action.

I like the dramatic voice acting, the ambience is extremely good and I'm getting a distinct sense of the world, also, for someone who likes exploring and examining  the environment, the amount of stuff to look at in the game is great.

Now, in terms of the downsides, it would be nice if there were ways to speed up gameplay a bit, EG use the arrows to move to the different exits rather than having to tab to them, and be able to use control to interupt the speaking of new room names (especially when backtracking).

combat I'm afraid thus far has been a little simple, since basically you just have one attack option, it's just a matter of continually hitting attack  gauging when to glug a potion. Hopefully there will be more items later on to give tactical choices, though at the moment the combat is more like the combat  find as an adjunct to a puzzle orientated game, as in the old zork games, than  majorly tactical rpg such as manamon.

it would also be nice if there was a little more in terms of combat for enemy actions, since right now the one sword clang sound seems to indicate both you  getting hit or the enemy missing. What is more serious for such an atmospheric game, is that I don't really get the impression that my character is in a life or death struggle, since usually I just get a rather wonderfully over dramatic description of my characters' awesomness when he attacks, then a clang, it'd be nice to either have a little more sound or something else to indicate enemy action, especially when going to fight bosses.

On another note, it'd be nice to have a little more information about my characters' strength, EG how much Xp you have, how much to level, and if other weapons or other tactical options are in the game, what value those are, indeed it is a trifle disappointing that there is only one sort of healing potion acting as a full heal, rather than different sorts restoring different amounts  of life which  make for more detailed decisions as to when to use them.

In general I think I'm going to enjoy the game, especially for it's atmosphere and exploration and the wonderfully epic sword and sorcery acting, though how seriously challenging the combat will get I don't know, even though I am playing on normal difficulty.

then again, there are always two harder difficulties, and I havn't got too far up to yet, so we shal see.

In general, if people go in expecting an interactive story with good sound and a little monster hitting on the side, they won't be disappointed.

Indeed, my only really! major problem with the game, is the name, just because "blindquest", well sounds so blind, and so obvious for an audiogame, but I'm not going to let this top me having fun with what the game is.

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2020-02-06 18:48:04

LOL. In the castle, the sign post says the throne room is to the west, but there's an eastern exit which ... leads to the throne room.
Also wow. I feel like  need to play this game on maximum difficulty for it to be a challenge. Nothing is damaging me, not even the supposedly very scary alpha wolf, nor the iron colossus.


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2020-02-06 19:11:24

After listening to Liam's stream, I am not getting this game. With all due respect, I don't think this game is good at all.

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