2020-02-02 19:05:37

look, the first thing i want  to say is that i hate excepting charity. i feel horrible when someone would hav to spend some money for me. But this time i couldn't avoid it. I've always loved the acapella voice for NVDa. And for some reason heather esspecially. I would have really liked to get it, but it's about 50 u.s dollars, and that's the basic license. i know this is rather expensive, and i'm not counting on anyone to buy it for me, but can i get someone who is willing to hel me. I basiclly have no money, all of it going to my food and rent and such, and no money for things i want but don't need.
I would appriciate anyone who could help me in the slightest, though i have no method of paying you back at the moment and i apologize.
once again, i fell awfaul for doing this, but i can't stand the idea of cracking such a good product.
please help if you can.

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