2020-01-24 04:10:47

Hello everyone!
Over the next few days, I'm going to be updating the Python tutorials section of my website.
Currently, the tutorials are numbered 1 to 7, and cover various matters that are aimed at getting you started from knowing nothing, to knowing, at least, how to use the python programming language.
part 2 of the tutorials, which details how to apply this knowledge in the making of a simple guess the numbers game, has now been fully recorded.
I am creating this topic as I am going to be doing a number of updates over the next few days, and figured some people may llike them documented.
Today, for instance, I wrote text scripts for the first 3 audio tutorials.
I have also made the layout a little easier in terms of putting the code snippers and the text scripts under buttons which you can press to expand.
I will be working on text scripts for the other tutorials tomorrow, as well as writing the text scripts for the audio tutorials of the second half.
I want to release the audio and text scripts for the second half together, so that may take a day or two.
But I hope you like them, and look forward to your feedback!

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
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It's ability!

2020-01-24 08:04:51

I liked what I heard so far, so I will enjoy this part I gather.

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2020-01-24 15:51:46

Thank you for the work you're doing, Nathan.

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2020-01-24 17:36:58

I sent you a pm.

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2020-01-24 18:11:38

Hello all,
Today's update so far:
all of the tutorials in the Learning to code in python section have now been given text scripts.
Enjoy those!
The part two is coming soon!
@4 thanks for letting me know, I'll have a read.

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
It's not disability
It's ability!

2020-01-24 19:04:51 (edited by ambro86 2020-01-24 19:58:32)

Hi Nathan, thanks for your work, I like very much it! Please continue.
Very good idea to write also the scripts, I liked it!

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2020-01-24 20:35:01

this is very valuable work you're doing for the community, thank you very much!

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2020-01-24 21:27:23

Yes yes yes! Thank you. Let me tell you, I've lost some motivation due to tutorials of Python that are inaccessible. However, ever since I found this tutorial, you have broken it down to the point where I can actually understand this code. Amazing! Keep it up! I really really want to create a game for mac because, so many games aren't really out for mac OS. However I want to change that, badly! Anyway, thank you! print("you are the best!")

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2020-01-24 22:45:38

@dardar, I belive the word yoru looking for in regrads to your "text scripts" is "transcription". That is, you "transcribed" the audio into text. Unless they really are python programs? big_smile

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2020-01-26 12:03:38 (edited by ambro86 2020-01-26 12:08:00)

Hi Nathan, thanking you again for the new lessons you put I noticed that, in lesson 8. Plan and concepts, both the audio and the text script are missing.
Instead in lesson 10. Sounds and Keystrokes, the text script is empty.
I congratulate you for how you wrote the tutorial. I come from Java programming, where I made some small audio games, and the simplicity of code in Python is incredible.
I hope you will get to the point where speech synthesis will also integrate. In the game I had written in Java I had used Tolk. Are there other ways in Python or is Tolk the most efficient?

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2020-01-26 14:32:21

Hi there,
@9 I went with scripts as I thought it would be read as "here was the script I read from." In perspective, transcript might be a better word, I'll change that, good point.

@10 sorry, I started to write the scripts for episode 8, 9 and 10 last night, but got to 10 and fell asleep, that's why I didn't announce them smile
I have a plan to get them finished today smile

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
It's not disability
It's ability!

2020-01-27 03:16:45

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the double post.
As suggested by post 10, Text Scripts has been changed to text transcripts to avoid confusion.
All audio episodes of these tutorials are now available on the website!
The last two, numbers 13 and 14, do not yet have the transcripts to go along with them, but the code snippets are there!

Nathan Smith
Managing Director of Nathan Tech
It's not disability
It's ability!

2020-01-27 09:05:07

I have downloaded It. It is great tutorial, really.

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2020-01-27 19:13:15

Hi Nathan! I'm starting learning Python thanks to your great tutorials; they are extremely simpe to understand iven if sometimes the concepts are not easy tasks for me; thank you really very much for your great work; congratulations!


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2020-01-27 20:23:59 (edited by tunmi13 2020-01-27 20:24:51)

Although I still use BGT, I'm still slowly and steadily migrating to Python. This will come in handy, thanks for taking the time to help people like me get started with this stuff, very much appreciated.  :-)

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2020-01-28 07:42:26

Hi Dardar!

Well done! I look forward to transcribing the last parts. Finally, provide a link to download the entire project.


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2020-02-01 04:30:48

Thank you Nathan!!!!

This is help me to choose which one to use. Now I know.

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2020-02-01 04:38:02

dardar I am extreamly greatful for what you have done here. I will use these along side my pyhon book.  I am a fast learner so I hope to start a project soon.

Their is no such thing as a master.  One is never done learning, and those who claim to be a master at something are far from becoming one!!

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2020-02-01 04:38:46

Appologies for a double post, A download link for the project would be nice.  As I like to pick up right from where I left off

Their is no such thing as a master.  One is never done learning, and those who claim to be a master at something are far from becoming one!!

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2020-02-01 23:32:21

hi guys . as far as i no, you can download the parts.

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2020-02-02 00:32:30

Hi, I have a question. I creat a folder call practice and then the file name main.py. When I go to CMD I type in python. It's open just fine. But when I type in python main.py. It's said, "Cant open file main.py, no such file or directory. Please help.


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2020-02-02 00:52:34

@Dragons, you have to write python main.py

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2020-02-02 00:58:58 (edited by ambro86 2020-02-02 01:02:11)

Hello to all. I ask you for help on writing a function, the game function. The guess the number game I have programmed works correctly up to a certain point, i.e. when the player enters a number. After that I can't get the program to say if this number is too low, too high or correct. Can someone help me?
Before sending the request I made several tests, inserting if if you check if the number is too high etc., but the program does not execute them or it remains blocked.

def game():
speak("Now I will choose a number from 1 to 9.")
globals.chosen_number=randint(1, 9)
speak("What number did I choose?")
while 1:

  speak("The number you entered is too low!")
  speak("The number you entered is too high!")
if(globals.numerog== globals.chosen_number):
  speak("The number you entered is correct!")

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2020-02-02 01:40:50

Hi ambro86!!

I did type in python main.py and still give me error.

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2020-02-02 01:51:11 (edited by ambro86 2020-02-02 01:51:27)

Hi Dragons, what error is? Probably can be a sintax error in your file.py

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