2020-01-09 09:53:05

I was browsing through the username changes topic for giggles, and it struck me how many people have requested that their usernames be changed several times. I checked the original post that Dark made. It is still intact, i.e. it says that only one change is allowed per user.

While I'm not complaining about the way things are currently being handled, I would like to see an official stance on this. Was it changed after Dark stepped down, and if so, is there proof of that? Otherwise, would it be possible for one of the current admins to make the policy more clear?

Thanks, and hopefully this won't spark any drama, it's just something I was a bit curious about.

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2020-01-09 10:30:19

Mods always forget

2020-01-09 14:41:04

If that is the case, perhaps the old topic should be scrapped as well and a 3rd one made.  I'm kind of undert the impression that at present the mods are just being nice, not forgetful as @2 suggests.

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2020-01-09 18:07:25

Let me say this is certainly something we need to be more cognizant of in future.
I'm glad someone brought it up as I was thinking about this the other day.

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