2020-01-09 18:43:10

Ooph, I don't either.
That's going to suck the big one.

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2020-01-09 18:46:00

GT 720 is comparable to Intel HD 630, maybe not directly but graphics can be altered.

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2020-06-28 18:15:43

So bump... but has there been any progress on this game? Since it's on sale, I'd be willing to buy it if I knew I could actually get the full experience out of it, but last I heard, with hidden areas and such being a thing... well.
Basically, how playable is the game in its current state?

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2020-06-28 18:46:49

It is not playable for now but just relax and be patient. When there will be something I cay say and report I'll do immediately! smile

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2020-06-29 13:55:08

any beta of it? without anything show being worked on .... how long are we talking? this game has been out a while now and just "wait and see" is all we keep hearing ... sounds like stalling to me at least with sequence storm could try it in beta so i heard if joined up to it.

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2020-06-30 11:01:03

i will get the game though, but just wondering when can we see some accessibility to play this?

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2020-06-30 19:04:53

@wlomas: people have lives, including developers. Unfortunately, we're not just talking any dev here, we're talking a company, and if there's any testing going on, it is probably under NDA, and i imagine quite strict NDA at that.
for context, Last of Us part 2 took two years to have accessibility ready for launch. That was a full team. Indivisible is a much smaller team, and from what I understand, more stuff is taking up Mike Z's time now (i.e: family). Plus they have Skullgirls to juggle. That recently got some updates focused on representation, and squashing some bugs. Indivisible is a bit of a harder beast to consider. It's much longer than Skullgirls, and also a completely different genre, and it also has multiple platforms (pc, Xbox One, PS4), but I would imagine that for us, it will be the PC version that gets made accessible, but there's quite a lot of systems to consider, from what I'm hearing from playthroughs. I thin it's going to take quite a bit of work to get systems into an accessible format. But we're not just talking about a one man team we're technically talking about a company, and companies might have roadmaps to consider. I'm not surprised this game is taking much longer to get into an accessible state, and I'm happy to wait. Skullgirls accessibility, though, was an interesting case. It was done in Mike Z's spare time, over a period of a few weeks.

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