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Sword Shadow Love: A guide

Personal Space


Welcome to this guide! I will teach you how to play Sword Shadow Love, a game almost unknown in the english community. This game has great sound design and many things to complete. I hope you like it!


To set up on english computers:

1. Install from: https://yadi.sk/d/wBM-6fn76vmagg
2. Install Locale Emulator: https://github.com/xupefei/Locale-Emulator
3. Install NVDA Translate: https://github.com/yplassiard/nvda-translate
4. Run 开始.exe with Locale Emulator in context menu.
5. Activate NVDA Translate with Control Shift NVDA t.
6. Select Pane
7. Press Alt S and press L.
8. Run Sword Shadow Love 1.5.mud
9. Press f12, read the text.
10. Make sure to enter verification code, then when text is done, press f12 again.
11. Press Start New Game.

f1. Out of combat, activates character information.
Control f1. Music on and off.
f2. Out of combat, activates backpack.
f3. Out of combat, move.
f4. In combat, battle menu.
f5. Out of combat, partner menu.
f11. Out of combat, Enter personal space.
f12. New game and help menu.
`. Save. Same as menu, settings, save.
4 8 6 2. In move menu, north east west south.
+ -. In move menu, up down.
1 3 5 9. In move menu, Northwest northeast southwest southeast.
1 2 3 4 5. In battle menu, select options.


Always explore! You will find secrets. If you advance the storyline too soon, load your save and explore more.
Be careful! Sometimes the game saves for you. One place in the game will save on the game over screen and your save will be useless. Keep a second save.
If you want an easier game, you can use your personal space to get levels.
Be careful! When a new game is started, location is kept. Name your save something else, so can start over if you want. If not, new game will reset character, but will be where he was when the game restarted.


Sorry, do not know how to translate islands and cities into English. Will name them starting island, first city, etc.

Start in a dream. Read the story, then you will be on starting island. Go north. Sometimes can not use number keys to move, like when entering a dungeon or for some events.

Once you are on peak of the mountain, talk to old man and get letter. Go south.

Back at start, go west and talk to old man again. Now go east to port.

Use boat and go out to sea.

Now on first mountain. Go east and north until platform.

Once on platform, examine monument. Type 2 for all answers.

Go west until hall with old man and talk to him.

Answer 0. Go north.

When floor 4, will see that something looks strange. Enter on the room description to press a switch and deactivate arrows. Go north to master.

Talk to master for more story. Make sure to read and press enter on bottom line of all text, or will start over. Talk again once done. After you get 20 medicine, talk again to leave temple.

Go south and west to port. Use ferry to go to Star Mountain.

Go north and west to star temple. Can fight random battles with mountain dragons to level up.

When in star temple, go east to disc.

Pick star, then photo, then water, then drop, then determine. Do not pick mysterious! Instant death.

Go north to array.

Go north to up exit, go up.

Go north, then down to hole.

Bat appears here randomly. Can press escape, then f3 until it shows at bottom of list. Win battle to get magic bat claw.

Go up, east, west, down, south, east 2.

Use shitem.

Go north and talk to woman.

You now have good and evil path. Easy mode and hard mode.

Easy path: Kill Arrow Grass.
Hard path: Survive 9 turns without killing her or dying.

Will easy path first.

After battle will be in Ghost King World.

Go west and talk to Ghost King.

Go east and north to Magic Cave. Open magic jade box.

Go south and west and talk to ghost king.

Go east to mountain. Can fight random ghosts to level. Easier if go north to peak first and talk to Black Marsh. Will get Fire Knife skill. Can also transfer experience to Yumei to level her.

Once enough levels, need 60 or more, go to human world from peak.

Fight guard and get token.

Go northeast and north until enter first city.

Go north to square, east and north to fortune teller. Talk to fortune teller.

Will be outside gate of second city. Talk to spirit master.

Go north to square. Will fight star disciples and have arrows events.

At square, pharmacy is west. Can buy great medicine here.

Go north from square until story. Fight Hu Feng and Star Father.

After story, will be in village. Go east to tower and fight guard.

Go east to tower chamber and fight earth tyrant to get gold knife.

Go north to top of tower, to compass.

Turn left 3 times, then turn right 3 times.

Now will be in last city. Go north until story, then will be in square. Go east to temple, talk to white rain and pick dialogue.

Go west to mountains. Go north, then east to Kanglong altar. Will fight random elves.

Now have to fight Kanglong until he drops dragon stone. Need 10 of these.

Once have 10 dragon stone, go west and south, then east to temple. Talk to white rain and pick dialogue.

Go east to room, talk to tiger.

Go west to hall and northeast.

Go north and east to woman, fight woman and man.

Go west to square, go north until story.

Go west to west mountains and go north. Will fight random swordsman.

Go east to tower, then go up. Fight man. Woman will finish battle when man lose enough Physical strength. Get Phoenix.

Go east from square to east mountains. Go east, but not again! Do not go to cliff! Instant death.

Go north, east and north to stone monument. Use to get axe.

Go south, east and south until can go north to second monument. Use to cut down with axe.

Go west and north until tower. Tower is more story.

Now at last mountains. Go north and east to statue and pick prayer. Get mysterious sword.

Go west and north, then east to woman. Talk to second woman first, then first. Will lose all gold. Talk to second woman again and will leave.

Go west, south, east and north to gate. This is final battle.

Defeat Ghost King after story. Read more story, will now be in empty city.

Go east to middle room. Can press escape and f3 until random event. This is real final battle.

Can use mysterious sword to half physical strength and drop enemy stats.

Once you defeat Giant Ghost King, you win!

Hard Path

After 9turns, Hu Feng will stop Arrow Grass.

Go south, then east to pavillion. Talk to Hu Feng. Will learn Cold Snow Cones.

Go west to array and go south to star temple. Go south and east down star mountain until transmission array. Pick city.

Now in first city. Go north to square, then west to black forest.

West and north to graveyard, pick tombstone. After story, go south and east to square, then south to pier. Back to Star Mountain.

After story, north and talk to Star..

After, north and pick Kirin.

North and down cliff.

After story, back in first city.

West to black forest, west and north to graveyard. Pick tombstone.

Fight man. After winning, up, south and east to square, then north to Moonlight Mountain.

North and east until north to road. Will fight random women.

North on road until second city. Will fight random robbers.

Second city, have to wait for rain. Can make rain faster by music off and on.

When you hear rain, go north until east to inn. Talk to old woman, pick dialogue.

After story, west and south to square, west until north to horse shed.

Go north, buy horse. May need to fight for more money.

After horse, south and west to wind mountain.

North until robber guard, fight for token.

North until cave, fight robber and bandit leader.

North, after story, fight man. Now back in second city.

North and east to inn, talk to old woman, pick dialogue.

After story, go west and north to flying crane.

North to time clock, pick time clock.

Fight man.

After story, back to star mountain.

North and west to star temple, north to array, 2 north, 2 east, use shittem.

North to arrow grass and talk.

South and east to pavillion and talk to HuFeng.

Do not know if dragon sword is needed to continue, will put here.

West and southeast to lake, east to star peak.

East, east, north, east, up.

Fight woman.

North and pick stone. Must have 1000 physical strength.

South and talk to woman, pick "I want to go down mountain."

West and northwest, east to pavillion, talk to Hu Feng.

After story will fight spirit master.

After more story, final battle with Ghost King.

Different endings based on good or evil.

Good ending
Beat normal game!

Forgive ending:
Kill toad in black forest, then beat game. After story, south to stone, pick stone.

Evil ending:
Kill toad in black forest, then fight girl east of first city, by warcraft forest. Can get skirt, make more evil. Sell skirt to brothle west of first city square in alley to fight more. Can check evil with stone on starting island west of house. For this ending, will say, You are not good. Then beat game. After story, north to back to mountain.

True evil ending:
Kill toad in black forest west of first city, then fight girl east of first city near warcraft forest a lot! Stone will bring fire! Then beat game. After story, north to back to mountain.

Personal Space:
Start in courtyard. East nest, west garden, north shops, house, copies.
West garden, can talk to girl. Touch hair, ask for money, will get 10 pet coins. If ask for money too much, girl leaves.
If have pet coins, pick Must when talk to girl. Can play game for coin and levels.
North, west exchange. Can trade 10000 money for 1 pet coin.
East, north, west coliseum. 10 pet coins, can play bird fight. If win, get 10 pet coins. Lose, lose 10 pet coins.
East, north, east, house with girl. Talk to girl, get bucket for water. West, south, west, north to garden and creek, pick water. Fill bucket. South, east, north, east back to girl. Pick tank, will fill tank. When tank full, girl gives coins.
West, north, west shop. Can buy thunder curse and candle here.
East, north, copies.
Good and evil:
Fight animals. Not normal battle, can attack, use backpack.
Can drop nutrician potion, health potion, growth potion for pets.
Snake: nutrician
Wolf: Health
Tiger boss: growth

Eliminate thieves:
Can fight thieves.
If buy candle from shop, north to hole, down hole. Can fight head thief.
Head thief drop pet coins, pet egg.
If fight head thief many times, can catch. More coins.

Garden, west, north, go to nameless peak. Fight dragon, very strong!
If beat dragon, can name teritory.
West, pharmacy. Potions with flowers.
East, warehouse. Store resources.
North, mine. Play mine game. f4, mine. When hear metal drop, control f4 pick up. Control f4 with scream, lose physical strength! If physical strength less 100, can not mine.
north, east, forge. Can make head, body, foot, left hand weapon, jewelry stronger. Can fail, need more materials. Can make bronze balls for hidden weapon.
Northeast, city. Buy resource with pet coins! Can sink ship in storm, lose re


Will mark secrets as easy or hard path. Some story may not work without these.

Personal Space:

Easy and hard path.
Easy to level here. Can use save reload cheat and Good and Evil copy to gain many levels. After level 20, can use eliminate thieves copy to level more. Can buy Thunder Curse for 10 pet coins, 30000 physical strength to any enemy.
To find head thief, buy candle at shop. Can go down to hole at north of eliminate thieves copy.

Hard path. Can do for easy path, but can not use jade.
North of platform on first mountain is palace. Go north and east until can go down.
Down is random damage. Can load save and try again. Will go to secret passage.
North will fight woman, get jade.

West of star mountain before woman is plants. Randomly, can use escape and f3 until flower appears. When pick flower, can also get snake, -100 physical strength!

West and southeast from Hu Feng, Can go southeast to lake, fish for money. Need bait and fishing rod. Can get from fisherman on star island, before star mountain. Can also fight skeleton or zombie fishing, for levels.

5 Poisons:
Easy and hard path
West of star temple and north, are 2 tents. Talk to man and woman, pick attack. Woman drops silver, man drops gold key. North and pick groove.
Up to iron log bridge.
North to star peak.
Random events: Arrows, sword, dragon, shock.
If physical strength below 100, will fall off bridge. instant death!
North from star peak, east and north to end of valley. South and pick stone.
South and west all the way, pick stone.

East till northeast, pick stone.
West and south, pick organ.
North to garden.
North to grass meadow and talk to woman, pick dialogue. Will learn 5 poisons.
Do not attack! Can not win.
Northwest to small room and talk to man, can exchange for iron balls. 1 gold per ball. Skills use 1, 5 and 10 balls.

Easy path
Can catch butterflies east of garden after level 60. Randomly catch or run away.
Must go south to valley, north, talk to man until he says help him catch butterflies.
Can give butterflies for flowers.

Ancient Jade:
In array north of star temple.
Go north till can go northeast.
Can only go down ghost stairs if 8:00. Can set time on your computer to 8:00.
South and east to pillar. Will fight random zombies.
Pick pillar, turn left. 5 times. Will hear crash and will say opened.
West and north to tomb.
Pick coffin for token.
South and west, south to gallery.
South to corpse hole.
Pick coffin, fight general.
East to stone wall. Random, move east until you find ancient jade.

Little monkey, can grab it's peach!
Be careful! Monkey can hit with ice and steal gold.
Get peach is random.
Peach restores mana.

White jade:
After ancient jade, go to Hu Feng. West, southeast to lake, east to star peak. North, north to bushes.
East to ghost shadow, fight ghost shadow.
Pick big pit.
East, pick box.
Fight ghost shadow for white jade.

Iron sword and Cloak:
In first city, can buy iron sword from blacksmith, cloak from ready to wear store.

Hard path
First city, Black forest fight with man, corpse will appear in room. Pick corse, can search. Can equip longsword.

Hard path
First city, In black forest, can kill toad to become more evil, get 5 defense.

Easy and hard path.
In warcraft forest, can get sleeping skill. Hard to get on hard path.
East from first city to warcraft forest. East to master.
Fight master for book.
West and north, east to old man. Not first east, second east.
Talk to old man.
West, fight until giants appear. Fight 4 giants.
East to old man, will learn sleeping skill.

Ring of True Love:
Must have Arrow Grass.
Warcraft forest, north and east to village.
East to love sea. Pick yes.
East, random waves, do not let Arrow Grass physical strength 0.
North to island.
After story, will have Ring of True Love.

Blue Moon Armor:
Hard path
On Moonlight Mountain, can go up, north to find woman. Fight to get blue moon armor.

Feather Cap:
Hard path
Go to pier in first city, go to ice and snow city.
North to snow plaza, west and southwest to house. Talk to old woman.
East to bedroom, after story, east to bedroom. After story, talk to old woman for feather cap.

Snow Shadow:
Hard path
In ice and snow city, west from plaza and north, talk to old man.
South, east to plaza, south. Pick vender. Buy.North and west, north to old man, talk.
Talk again.
South, east, south to landing, back to first city.
North to square, talk to woman.
South to pier, ice and snow city.
North to plaza, west and north to old man, talk.
Talk again.
south, east, fight gangster.
West, north, talk to old man.
Talk again.
South, east to plaza, south to ice bridge. Down to cave.
Fight ice snake.
Up, north, west and north to old man, talk.
North and east to snow woman, join snow shadow martial art.
Levels by using it, to level 15.

Crescent Knife:
After Snow Shadow, south and west to ice mountain, north. Pick snow stone. Will get crescent knife.

Sun Sword:
Hard path
Second city, must be raining.
Must have dragon sword.
East from square and south to old man, talk.
North and east to sword lock station, pick sword lock station.
South and west, south to corpse cave, fight female corpse.
Do not pick magic bead!!
North and east till underground river.
Directions through river.
East, north, north, east, east, north, north, north.
Random events: Arrow, snake.
Down to underwater vortex.
North, fight dragon.
North, pick ruined.
South, south, south, west, west, west, south, west, west.
West to legal, north.
Pick round hole.
Fight Pharaoh. Will now have sun sword skill.

Dragon Cloud Sword:
Hard path
After second city story, can go west to mountains. North to rogue. Talk. If have sun sword, will learn dragon skill.

Snow Lotus:
Hard path
Second city, west and north to peak. Fight woman. After story, will have snow lotus.
Not same as snow lotus flower for pharmacy in personal space.

North Mage:
Hard path
After second city story, can go west to mountains. North. West and north to altar, pick large steel.
fight, will have 100000 physical strength!
Easier, pick provocative.
South, east will hear squish. Giant stepp in puddle!
Fight here, will have 30000 physical strength. Can defeat with thunder curse.

Dragon Sword Skill:
Need dragon sword equip, sun sword skills.
After kill large steel, at altar. Pick table. Get golden key.
South, east, pick room description.
North, north to array.
Directions: LEFT, beFORE, before, right, before, right, right
pick key
pick iron gate
Pick golden scorpion.
After book, pick lets start.
Wait some minutes.
Now have dragon sword skill!

Blue Boots:
Hard path
West from second city, north and east to old man. Buy thunder curse.
Or buy from personal space.
West to ice bridge, down to ice cave.
Backpack, use thunder curse!
South, east, fight blue dragon. Dragon hits very hard!
After dragon, will get blue boots.

Invinsible Armor and Firey Unicorn:
Hard path
If have jade from palace and crescent knife, can go to starting island.
South, south to open door.
South until peak, east, north. Must turn off music to pass!
Play game, control 1 block left, 2 block middle, 3 block right.
After game, pick altar.
Now have invinsible armor and firey unicorn mount.
East to transmission array, back to starting island.

Sword of tears:
Hard path
Left hand weapon.
From star peak after iron log bridge.
After time clock.
Down east to crack.
Will fall into star sea!
Be careful! Wrong direction is instant death!
North, north, north, north, west, west.
Pick stick
West, west, north, east, east, east, north, east
After story, east, north, pick table. Fight gangster.
South, east, south, east, pick woman.
North, north.
After story, fight man. Now have sword of tears.
East to boat, leaves island.

Wild blade:
Easy path
In last city, west from square, southwest, south to death jedi.
Instant death in here a lot!
East to tomb, pick lamp.
Pick long light.
Pick coffin for bronze mirror.
West, south all, east, north to tomb with diamond.
Pick up diamond, saves game in trapped room.
Be careful!! East is instant death, and saves game!!
Broken jar is medicinal herb, gain 10 levels if you eat!
South, west to step, down.
Pick call of souls. Will use bronze mirror.
Pick coffin, pick take blade.
Now have wild blade left hand weapon!

Best medicine!
In last city, west to mountains, north, west to altar.
Fighting this. Will drop medicine sometimes, 5000 physical strength!

Easy path
Last village before final mountains, south to river.

South and east. Now can access random event.
f3 and escape till white light.
Pick white light.
After story, go north and east and pick soul chain.
After story, will gain healing!


Save Load:
Can load save when something bad happens.

Lots of Money:
Hard path.
Can make 2 saves, save1 and save2.
Second city, go to entertainment hall, pick big master.
Pick buy big.
Enter all gold. If you have 1000 gold, enter 1000.
If winning, you have 2000 gold! Save to save1 and save2.
If lose, have 0 gold and game is saved.
Load save2, save as to save1, load save1, play again.

Can look at code! Menu, view, alias or variable.
Alias can see all rooms and events in game.
Variable can edit character! Give more physical strength, mana, attack, cheat for events!

Can also type alias, but be careful! Sometimes can close game and break save.

Type #var jingyan @jingyanshangxian;shengjitai

I hope you all can play!

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