2019-09-14 00:03:52

Hi all,

The purpose of this post is to act as a reminder, which will be made sticky and placed here for all to see.

Ultra Power, and all forks of this game and its source code, are not to be encouraged, discussed or shared here. This game has generated far more drama than is reasonable, and it's nearly impossible to figure out who has the best claim on it. Rather than continuing to invite this level of confusion and heated debate, we as a team have elected to simply outlaw the game and its source code entirely until such time that it is no longer so controversial. Please note that this blanket ban extends to all unauthorized forks, but has been spurred by this one in particular.

We do not do this lightly, and we do not enjoy this sort of censorship. Please don't get the idea that we're going to start removing references to everything we don't like, or that we're cherry-picking on a personal level. We feel that at this point, our choice represents the best thing for the forum.

This decision was made some time ago, but the topic in which it was made official got buried. Thus, when someone raised the issue on list, I decided to jump right on it and make an official post about it, then lock and stick it so that it couldn't be forgotten or conveniently ignored.

Breach of this request can and will be punished under the rules, but we will bear intent in mind when doing so. A casual offhand mention of the game is not grounds for a warning or ban, but solicitation of the game, offers to share it or its source code, or anything of the like is frowned upon and will be dealt with. Please do not stand in the way of the staff team doing its job.

Thank you.

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