2019-09-11 00:46:34

for those of you who want this, the key is,


and BTW, vocaloid and utau are singing speach synthesisers, and why I say that is because people found out how to make them talk! This folder is sise, is at around 24.4GB

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2019-09-11 03:40:16

Is this product open source or in the public domain? If not, it may violate rule 3.

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from The Book of Mozilla, 11:14

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2019-09-11 06:03:19

I wouldn't worry about rule three, it's only music, not software.

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2019-09-11 06:17:13

also, if you want more vocaloid and utau music,you can go here.


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2019-09-11 06:18:00

Doesn't mean that rule 3 doesn't apply. Copyright applies to everything with very few exceptions (i.e. publications by the U.S. government can't be protected under copyright law). But pretty much everything else can.

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2019-09-11 06:45:19

Please note rule 3 does not explicitly define music, but ETC means that any material with a copyright is covered under rule 3.
Just something to keep in mind going forward.

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