2019-12-22 19:34:11

Dan_Gero wrote:

Look at post 10 to see that he doesn't actually hate the website, he just thinks it's going to die in the near future. It's not though, it'll be just fine. Now, this isn't to say it won't ever die, but definitely not within the next year or probably even the next 3 years.

OK, I'll explain It. I love Your strategy, so:
I have noticed, that some of people wants to leave this site due to some arrogant people. One of My friend was very desperated due to some behaviors of some users and intrigues about his Audio game due to this, that some things are not created good, as thei thinks.
I understand about this, that some developers are not good, or they can't speak English very good, but some people loves here to troll and hate another due to this, that I have heard, that in AG are very stupid and arrogant people.
This is not, like childish behaviour, this is worse, by My view.
I don't want to damage some people of stupidity by others. I sometimes visit this site, but not too often, as in previous time. I admire also work by AG archive, but now I have started to believe by listening another blind people, or by reading some topics, that some people are arrogant for someone, who for example isn't good in programming. I have another studium now, so I rather love to listen music. It doesn't waste time, like games (except incremental games). I would like to program someone, but I have good memory for languages, not for logics, or math. This is not reason, why I have posted this topic and I love some good games for the blind, but I hate arrogancy, intrigues and false speech. I have discovered It many times in last years. I don't want to write about My personal psychical problems and to run away from those problems by games, but I have discovered many bad people.
I don't want to deactivate account on this site, but I won't post on this site much times, as It wass previously. I have also stopped checking, what's new here.

Music is the language of the universe.

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2019-12-23 01:06:07

Would just like to point out that I pay attention without having to be called for.

I'm otherwise wondering why a topic that had basically run its course had to be brought back.

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2019-12-24 05:17:10

@27: Last I heard you were a mod, so you weren't included in that. Unless mod = admin, now? Was more referring to the fine I'm sure individuals behind the hosting of this thing, who's responsibility it is to apparently keep hosting this thing while other people run it.

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2019-12-24 05:32:41

I'm confused, Jayde. Who called on you? The only post mentioning you was me, and that was to point out that I think you and Aaron should run the forum since you guys are the main ones moderating it anyway, and now Liam has been more active as well as of late. I do agree with you that this topic has run it's course though. Yeah, AGNet will go down someday, all good things come to an end eventually, this has been clearly established. Of course, now I'm one of the people bringing this topic to the top so I guess I'm not much better.

Signature start:
I don't mind if you disagree with my opinions, but if you're going to dismiss something I say, please explain why you don't agree with me. You don't have to, but it helps me understand you better. I don't like when I write out my thoughts about something and try to make people understand my opinions, only to be told I'm wrong and not be told why someone thinks that.

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2019-12-24 08:36:16

managing something and beeing the mentainer of a thing is totaly diffrent

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2019-12-24 09:58:03

They're not really doing either, though. The active mods/admins appear to be handling both aspects. For the record, managing/maintaining includes things like actually updating the site, as well as running the forum. This software being 10 years old means the only thing keeping it actually active right now besides the domain expiring is its host not dropping support for the probably old as hell PHP version this thing needs. Now, if this is a server they own and maintain themselves, then... cool and stuff. Their server, their problem when someone hacks the shit out of it. If they don't own the server, though? Somebody's going to be in for a surprise.

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2019-12-24 15:20:25

Did you know?
Is an actual website? It’s some kind of business website
Also, I didn’t understand one fart post 26 was saying

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2019-12-25 10:28:42

Here's the quote I latched onto:

"And given the attention paid to this place by admins who's names don't start with L unless they're specifically called to, don't be surprised to learn that this post is the first they heard of it."

The only admin whose name starts with L is Liam.
The implication here is that Liam is the only person who pays attention unless they're called. Carter, Aaron and I are also admins, and all of us are trying to do our part to make things work.

I fully agree that a good deal of this is totally outside of our control, which is kind of why I took exception to what I quoted above.

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2019-12-26 20:03:32

@33: I'm not responsible for what you read. I am, however, responsible for what I type. And given that I don't live on this site, the last time I was here for any realistic length of time, you were a mod, and I don't believe Carter and Aaron were on staff at all (feel free to correct me, as I honestly only log in here when something catches my attention). If your transition to admin was announced, I missed it. I only know Liam is an admin because he was basically the guy when we were trying to fix the forum's email system among other issues. So, based on the data I had at the time, I typed exactly what I typed, which is precisely what I meant. I have no control over what if anything you infer from that.

That having been said, the part of my post you agree with is precisely my point. This place still exists because we got lucky. And every time this place tanks, I offer to host it on a more current environment. I'm not aiming to start my own forum, but I've made offers to lend space to this one. The same people who can't be bothered to actually, you know, administrate the site also have decided they'd rather no one else did either.

PS: This is also why I made my comment re: mod = admin, now. You're an admin, but basically in name only. We might as well just call you senior mod for all the difference it'd make. The actual admins aren't here.

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2019-12-26 22:19:19

It's pretty easy to see a person's rank if you read their post. You just missed mine, that's all. Yes, it was announced, and it's been this way for months. No, it's not a hill I intend to die on either.
Ironically, Liam was the last of us to be made an admin, and Aaron was on the staff team before I was even a mod.

Admins are also able to unrestrict people, where mods can't. But yeah, basically we're all just senior mods at this point, in the grand scheme of things, because some of the bigger decisions are beyond our sphere of influence.

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