2019-09-08 15:56:09

Does anyone know of any accessible video editing programs that work with JAWS or NVDA and Windows 10? I have a YouTube channel, and am looking for an accessible way to edit my videos.

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2019-09-08 17:50:40

i don't know what you want to do with your videos, but you can try use defaulte windows 10 app called "photos" or download moveymaker, this apps have great accessability

let's rock!

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2019-09-09 03:03:28

Like  adding music and transitions and titles and other text and maybe recording Voiceovers and things like that.

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2019-09-09 15:11:16

windows movie maker can help you.
I am using it with NVDA
it will obviously work with jaws

thanks and regards.
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