2019-08-14 05:58:02

I bought Alt-Frequencies the other day and was playing it today.  The audio started skipping like it was lagging my computer and I figured it wasn't a big deal, but then I went to record a message, the game froze, and then proceeded to crash.  I restarted my computer, and now the game just says "Alt-Frequencies" at load, but won't load the new game, continue, or settings and the game just isn't loading past the narrator saying "Alt-Frequencies". 

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, an that didn't work.  Looked in appdata, looked in Alt-Frequencies Steam folder, can't find any reason why this would be happening.  My tech savvy doesn't really extend past this point, so can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?  And of course, how to fix it.  As of now, I've just uninstalled the game because no point to have it taking up space when I can't play it. 

Any help would be appreciated, I'm really at a loss as to why the heck this is happening!

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2019-08-14 23:16:13

Did you delete your appdata folder? That might help.

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2019-08-15 01:58:16

I'm not sure where the appdata folder fvor this game specifically is.  I tried just looking in appdata and didn't see anything related to it, and the folder in the Steam folder deleted when I uninstalled.  I read maybe it could be Steam's cash but idk if that would help.

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2019-08-15 21:02:35

I got it to work.  I did have to delete the folder for the game in local files.  I'm assuming the save file got corrupted, because after that it started working like it was before.

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