2019-08-14 01:20:25

Apologies if this has been asked here before. But I'm trying to transfer my reaper configuration from Mac OS to Windows, the problem is when I'm in the export dialogue I'm unable to select everything with cmd+a, something like 17 files and 70 kb of stuff and that doesn't include my project default templates, precepts, etc.. Anyone else have this issue and solve it somehow? Could I just take my reaper folder and move it to Windows?

Crimson Underground

2019-08-14 14:14:50

thought the inaccessibility of that dialog was a windows only thing...
you probably are better off choosing sighted assistance, but I guess the copying of the reaper folder doesn't hurt either.

Thumbs up

2019-08-15 01:19:11

That's what I figured, my macbook screen is having issues (lines going through it) of course no problem for me but a pain in the ass for whoever has to use my computer or look at it lol... Idk, I'll see what happens.. Now if only my annoying wasapi compression playback issue could be fixed.

Crimson Underground