2019-08-13 10:05:16

Most game development is done using Unity, followed by Unreal in second place, both of which have been working on screenreader support. But there are lots of other engines too.

I've just hit up a bunch of those other engines on twitter to let them know that they'll be losing developers to Unity/Unreal if they aren't also adding screenreader support. Feel free to like/share/comment, as extra voices certainly don't hurt -

https://twitter.com/ianhamilton_/status … 4341214208

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2019-08-13 15:32:26 (edited by ianhamilton_ 2019-08-13 15:32:55)

I've had some response from one of the companies now, that was quick smile Again feel free to tweet on the thread if it's something you want to see happen

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