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Hi all,

Now that I'm investigating Ubuntu Mate, I need some help with keyboard shortcuts. I can't access the status menu area where you see the time, network connections, etc. I've been reading that Alt F10, Alt+F11, and the Super or Windows key with those same keys is supposed to do it, but nothing happens. The only things I've worked out are Alt+Tab to switch applications, Alt+F1 to bring up a list of menus for launching applications, and Control+F10 or Shift+F10 to bring up an item context menu. So, what are some essential Ubuntu Mate keyboard commands to know?

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I am not running Ubuntu Mate, but I am running Mate on Debian; I'll give you a few shortcuts.

Alt+F2 will open a box to let you type commands in to. For example, press Alt+F2 and type firefox to run firefox. Control+Alt+Tab will let you switch betwene the top and bottom panels. You should find the time in the top panel.

I hope that works. If you do a google search for Mate keyboard commands, you will find a few more.

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2019-08-13 01:39:28

Another way to navigate between panels if I remember right is control alt escape.

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