2019-08-11 23:53:04

I've been looking into cheapo tablets to buy because I don't have one and don't really want to invest in one lol.  I was looking at Kindle Fire, and saw it has a screenreader?  When I did research there wasn't much on it, but I heard it pretty much is a retooled version of Talkback specifically for Amazon Kindle.  Has anybody used this?  I'm curious to find out how it works past the generic "This has TTS" YouTube videos I've been running across. 

And yes, I know I could just get a tablet with talkback on it, but as far as the price goes Kindle Fire seems like the best option for a beginner in the tablet world like me lol.

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2019-08-12 00:42:32

Well, you are indeed correct that the Kindle Fire tablet is a modified version of Android and a tweaked version of Talkback. In fact, many people have found ways to bypass its restrictions, so they could be made to access the Google Play Store. I've never undertaken such a feat, but I happen to own one which I seldom use.

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2019-08-12 01:08:46

From what I can tell, VoiceView on the Fire tablets is actually pretty good. If you don't want to invest too much money, consider buying the Fire 7 for around $50. I purchased the Fire TV for about the same price, and I was very impressed! Amazon has done a great job when it comes to producing inexpensive devices that work well and include decent screen reading software.

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2019-08-12 02:27:18

Yes I have it and yes it is tolerable, but I would not recommend the fire tablet unless you are willing to hack it to make it what you want it to be, and even then, it has its restrictions. I just would rather have gotten a better tablet running android and not this one.

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2019-08-12 10:59:07

I have the Amazon fire 10-in tablet and I think it is pretty decent even with its built-in voice narrator.
I am using it as we speak to make this post and using dictation to type. I have also put on Google play store on the device.
you have to take them for what they are cheap devices that will do a decent job mainly for listening and watching media and a casual browsing experience.

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2019-08-12 12:53:45

I have been using mine for over a year. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot.
I would suggest the fire tablet.

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2019-08-12 14:32:28

I haven't read anything here apart from post 1, but here is my opinion:
Voiceview=terrible. very. If you're willing to put in the effort to get talkback to work, it's less bad (not good)

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2019-08-12 15:02:12 (edited by defender 2019-08-13 05:11:59)

These three interviews with Peter Korn who is the head accessibility guy for Amazon and just generally awesome, should give you a better idea of what your getting into.
By the way I've heard that the fire HD8 has better speakers than the 7 for what it's worth, and yeah, if you aren't comfortable with messing around with ROM flashing, device rooting and such, this may not be the tablet for you since you'll be locked into Amazon's ecosystem heavily otherwise.

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2019-08-12 15:51:34 (edited by CrystalD 2019-08-12 15:53:27)

@5 yeah that's pretty much all I'd really want to do on it, so I figured it owuld be decent.  Glad to see my assumptions were correct!

@7 why do you say that?  Without any explanations it's hard to see why it wouldn't be prefered.  Do you like Apple better or something like that?

@8 I'm already heavily into Amazon's eco system so that personally doesn't really bother me.  I've seen people mention that as a downside to the Fire tablets, but for me I really could care less about the tablet being Amazon everything.  It's the price it is for a reason, after all.  Totally get why it'd be a dealbreaker for others, though.

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2019-08-12 18:45:22

a bit off topic, but what kinda tablet does nvdA work on?
I saw it someware.

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2019-08-12 19:23:29

a windows 10 tablet.

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