2019-08-11 10:55:27

Does such a thing exist out there or will any developer step up and accept the challenge?

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2019-08-12 08:35:45

only once the genre is dead I think. their is too much money to be made in it at the moment.

:D happy to help out with games and the like... maybe :D

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2019-08-12 09:00:55

I mean, Gekiransen is pretty much that... it's an old game, but there ya go.

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guards, skyrim

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2019-08-12 11:02:19

I am referring to a online battle royale for all of us to jump on and enjoy the mayhem as the mainstream sighted people do.

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2019-08-12 12:40:02

The problem with that kind of game is, that it requires player being online at the same time, and if you take, something swamp, stw and respot when that was around, just getting 15-20 players is really hard, and the mainstream ones, 100 are usually required to start a game, granted I know you could set it lower here, but that would invalidate the entire point.

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2019-08-12 19:15:37

I've always said if Swamp had a Battle Royale mode it would be an even better game than it already is. No zombies, no missions, just a starter set of equipment and staying alive against other players as long as possible picking up new things along the way as they spawn.


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2019-08-12 19:20:38

Lol aren't we talking about rtr?

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2019-08-12 23:09:57

Take it from experience if the game was created people will turn up as it is a very fun addictive mode of shooter. The fact that we would all be on a even playing ground would be fun.
it is the only shooter which pussy through all the emotions surviving by yourself or with a squad.

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2019-08-13 00:45:03

rtr does have that sort of thing, now if we could fix some of those pesky bugs and in team deathmatch you can't hit your team mates cause thats real stupid, and maybe a health cap. i find having 2000 health very, very unfair against others.

hello everyone. so theres this game called fortnight in the sighted community, i am sure you heard of it. Well i like making mods for games using those sounds. If you want to ask questions or such, forum pm me and/or send me e-mails at my e-mail.
[email protected]

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