2019-08-09 21:41:26

Hello! I have few questions relating to bgt. First, how does the game know what to do, for example if i do an option disable background music on or off, how does the game know what to do? Second, how to create a learn game sounds menu.
I mean a dynamic menu, when i press enter, it plays the sound but stays to the learn sounds menu.
And finally, how to make a pit? I mean when you step in a pit you will fall and die.
And please do not reply with saying i am using bgt it's death. It is not death. Best regards: Marco

Best regards: Marco

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2019-08-09 21:51:03

Hi, the game knows what to do when, because it is the way you program or code or script it.
secondly, when making a learn sounds menu, and you are using the dynamic menu, add sounds to the menu, i can't remember how it's done, cause i don't use bgt any more. I think it is menu.add_item("sound.ogg") or some thing like that.
Make sure you do this in a learn_sounds function, so that every time when the sound is finished playing, it will return to the learn_sounds function.
Also make sure you reset the menu each time, else you would have a lot of the same items(duplicates) and the most of them won't work.
And lastly, you would need to know how to make a class if you want to make a pit. think about it this way, the pit's sound should have a range, from left to right, assuming you want to make a side scroller.
so just make the pit like that, and when the player walks in the range of where each pit is stored on the map, it dies instantly or some thing like that. I hope it helps

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2019-08-09 21:51:17

Just use BGT if you want, but i'd recommend to read through the tutorial and don't copy all the stuff to see that its working, but read and understand the tutorials to see how programming actually works, because the question "how does BGT know what to do" tells me that you don't know how programming works, because you simply tell it what it should do in certain cases.
Best Regards.

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