2019-08-09 10:45:37

Hey folks, hope everyone is doing well! I was wondering if someone could help me out with my current quest. I'm looking for a reasonably (or totally) accessible reverb plugin that I can use with Gold Wave. I'm looking for something clean and natural-sounding, as I record a lot of early and classical music and need things sounding as realistic and not artificial as possible. I'm therefore counting Freeverb out of the picture. I've heard lots of lovely things about the Altiverb plugin, and have heard it in action... However, it seems completely inaccessible so far as I've tried messing around with it. Can anyone recommend anything more blind-friendly? Doesn't necessarily have to be free, though it would be nice if it doesn't break the bank, either. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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2019-08-09 11:01:48

Funny you should mention that, because I just posted a topic about my own open source reverb VST plugin.
Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.

2019-08-09 11:15:24

there is classic reverb. You can control it by pressing alt+b in the affect window.

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2019-08-09 14:17:13

In your case, a conavlution reverb would probably be the best option. Unfortunately, I haven't tried any convalution reverbs with GoldWave and the only one I've tried in REAPER is the built-in ReaVerb with some wave files. My best advice for you would be to switch to REAPER, as it has far better accessibility and far more capabilities, and get yourself some good impulses, for example the East West Spaces or something from Waves.

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2019-08-12 14:01:38

Thanks for the info, guys. @Datajake, I actually ended up downloading your plugin shortly after posting this... And to be honest, I'm rather lost in all the mess of adjustable values. I must admit, I've been spoiled by reverb presets, so haven't the faintest idea of how to build a space from pure numbers, as it were.

As far as Reaper goes... I want to learn it, I really do. It's just so freaking enormous, I don't even know where to begin, and my patience isn't what it once used to be... Ah, for the good old days of producing sound mods for hours and hours at a stretch, eh?

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2019-08-12 18:33:17

My plugin has 113 built-in presets, so you don't have to create your own if you don't want to.

2019-08-12 20:47:35

Are there  Audio  samples of what it sounds like?

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