2019-08-09 08:54:03

Hello! I'm trying to make the game 3 which is in bgt tutorial. But i don't know which lines to paste, and which not. Can someone please help me? Best regards: Marco

Best regards: Marco

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2019-08-09 11:51:32

dude... you seriously just need to figure it out...

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2019-08-09 15:27:40

what even...
What lines to paste...
I need a break...

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2019-08-09 16:19:29

Weren't you ever taught to not copy from somebody else's homework?

Realistically, it's not harmful to copy and paste [some] code, maybe a few lines (in professional roles), but only to save you from typing it all out and wasting time. That being said, you should only do it if you know what the code is doing and why you're using it. Please don't become a developer if your approach is to steal entire source code from a tutorial.

2019-08-09 18:03:41

Okay first, you need to try and figure this out on you're own, second of all, it's not smart to copy paste code, especially when learning because then you may not know what exactly the code does or how to write it to do something.

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