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If any SBYW servers still have megahouse still on them, and you are looking to be able to get to the end of the series, this guide is for you.
You do need hyper jump shoes to be able to complete this, or at least for the way i have found to do it.
With that out of the way, lets get started!
megahouse1 is easy, just go threw the house, not going into and side rooms, until you reach where it says to go outside, press enter., and do so.
megahouse 2
now we have to just do a little bit of platforming. Run to the edges of each of these platforms about 5 times.
You will fall, after about 5 platforms, but there is a way to not die. The way i do this because i don't know another way is to wait a second, then hold in control right arrow and pray. You'll land on stairs with really low health, probably. climb down them, and continue to the left.
Another staircase goes down here. climb down it, and go left again, but you have to be at y 414 when you go left, or you will fall.
after you get that checkpoint, step left into the air, a door will catch you, and bring you down to another checkpoint
now we have to do a couple simple jumps.

once you reach the wall, go left until you fall off the platform onto another one.
now fall left one tile.
now we have to make a 5 tile jump to the left, and it has to be exactly 5 tiles. I recommend tapping this.
now we have a little more fall platforming, like on the porch.
Once you get to the cable system start, hit enter.
Note: i did not write the part of this guide for the cable system, techgamer did that, thanks, techy.

Megahouse cable guide
Do note, that when the guide says twice, it means do the specified action twice. Also, the directions here are very very basic. If you can work around this, then please enjoy
down twice
right 1
down 2
Directly down
directly left
right a long ways
climb down the stairs
right and down

Alright, now that we're past that, go right, then down the stairs.
now left and down some more stairs, gees, this sure is a weird yard.
take that door to you're right now.
now some more fall platforming, two times.
I recommend taking the zip line, not sure if you still get there if you use the stairs. Just to be safe, i'd take the zip line.
now, go right, and don't take the door. instead take the travelpoint 3 tiles past the door.

first move right, then up the swimming stairs.
then go left 20 tiles and go up this staircase.
go right 20 tiles.
now jump this wall, and continue right.
jump the walltrees, and continue right.
i'm not exactually sure how to jump these 10 tile high ones with out hyper shoes, so get on you're hyper shoes, and lets roll!
now go down the exposed pipe.
now go right, and up, and hit enter to slide down the pipe.
now go right 20 tiles, and up the stairs. then jump right on to a tree.
go to 252 and climb down.
at 16 y, go right.
at 258 x ,climb up.
now, again, not sure how to do this with out shoes, so put on you're hyper jump shoes, and jump the walltree to you're right. you will land on grass.
now fall to the right, and climb down.
now climb down the grass to you're right, being careful not to walk in to the hazard.
fall right above the hazard.
then take the paddelbote
now go right a long ways, and go threw the gate.
Go right in this grassy area, until you reach a travelpoint

This is actually a house, you can explorer it as you wish. If you're looking to finish megahouse, for say, though, we want to go to floor 5.
This floor is a maze, but i'll walk you threw it.
first go right until you hit a wall, then go up, being careful of the hazard
right below the hazard, go right until you hit a wall.
Climb down, being careful to not step in the hazard, go right at the wall, then up to grab that checkpoint
then go right when the room opens, then go up to the wall
now go up the metal staircase, the one on the farthest left of the right side, if that makes sence at all.
now go slightly left, and up a narrow hallway until you hit a wall.
now go right and climb up a wood staircase.
At the top. go left and up. Then fall right, and go threw a door

Dangerous part of the indoor maze system
Ok, so first, go up 4 spaces, then right.
once on stone, go up until a hazard blocks you. Then go right to wallborder.
now go up ,left, up, right.
You will get a checkpoint.
now go up to the wall, and climb up the concrete 7 staircase.
at 685 x, go right.
once you get to concrete 8, climb up.
at 715 y, go right.
at 139 x, climb up.
once at the top, go left and up.
after that go left and up the concrete 3 staircase
after that, go left. it may seem like a dead end, but it is not. the 2 paths that you can see with you're spyer are, but there is a hidden one at x 95. Go up it.
at 805 y, go left.
go up once you reach concrete 7
once at the top, go right, and take that door
now take that other door.
take the beeping door, and hold in right arrow and control.
the objective of this place is too land between the hazards until you reach the end. You can also jump over them with hyper shoes.
do not take that door, take the travelpoint.

and now ,we are here. I really don't know what all that trouble was for, all this is is a small house belonging to someone named amy, but meh.
There you go, you have completed megahouse, kind of.

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