2019-08-05 19:38:36

Hi all
So today, i went to download cosmic rage, and when i click download, firefox just brings up a page that says about:blank, and that's what the address bar says too, and the download doesn't start.

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2019-08-05 20:12:56

Cosmic rage is a mud. Download vipmud or mushZ and connect to it. I think the soundpack for vipmud is better and more updated so get that.

2019-08-05 20:53:12

Thanks, but then why is a download link available, or technically not available?

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2019-08-06 02:18:25

the download link for  the soundpack
the connection info is
and this topic shold be moved

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2019-08-06 02:35:08

Please explain why this should be moved.

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2019-08-06 02:49:01

aa, i thought this one was in off-topic, sorry about that

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2019-08-06 15:52:52

Okay lets try and separate out a few issues here.

First: Yes, cosmic rage is a mud, you can't  download it directly but must connect at cosmicrage.nathantech.net, port 7777 with your favourite mud client.

Second, yes there was a mistake on the Cosmic rage entry, the website for the mud was given in the download field not the website field. That mistake is now fixed.

Third, the Cosmic rage website does not seem to be working at the moment, even when I go directly to Nathantech and click on "about our mud." I've left the website link in place in the hopes that Nathantech will get this fixed, indeed I recall the website was unavailable before then came back later.

fourth, I haven't put any links to download soundpacks on the cosmic rage entry, since there are a number of different soundpacks available in game for both Vipmud and mushclient, so it didn't seem fair to put a link to one specific one on the actual entry.
Instead I just noted the soundpacks command and suggested people look there for the various soundpacks.

If people do think I should add a download link for one or other soundpacks, just let me know, and if possible please provide the links.

Hope this clears up all related questions, and thanks to Ty for catching that the website link was posted in the wrong place on the entry.

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