2020-06-22 18:23:20

Hi everyone. First, really excelent game. Can someone help how to get bonus in the grid of mission level? I need to avoid bariers but seems that I am doing it wrong.

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2020-06-24 12:18:09

Anyone know how to get the announcer in the steam version of the game? I saw it on itch.io and this should be cool

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2020-06-24 12:21:13

We'll have to wait until the 29th to get both DLC's on Steam.

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2020-06-24 12:50:04


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2020-06-24 20:28:02

don't they have ny preview of this announcer? I'm so excited

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2020-06-25 23:49:07

Hey everybody
seems that from hte last update, everytime I bump in the walls, i get a bunch of dmg, like a ton. This totally wrecked my way of completing stealth missions and barrier,s since everytime a barrior or robot would pop up, i would just stick by the walls and avoid it alltogether. now i'm not sure how steering works anymore and how to not keep hitting the robots. it's quite frustratingthanks in advance!

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2020-06-26 03:42:23

Its probably been asked already, but can anyone tell me how much does this cost in USD? Thanks.

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2020-06-26 07:38:28

I think it's on sale right now (at least on itch.io). It's ridiculously low.

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