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Hello, in this article I will show you how to download and play this game.

Please note: you must be running NVDA for this to work.

I've not played much of it myself so will be copying nuno69s's game keys.

Game keys: Arrows: move
Tab: special skill (not available in the demo)
space: attack
Q, E: switch equipment categories
A, D: switch items in the given category
W: use the item
S: use the tool
Z: map information
X: character information
C: item description
V: pet information )if any)
CTRL+Arrows: jump
Shift+Arrows: look

Playing the game: 1. download all you'll need, (apart from Visual C++ 2008 redist, but I believe most computers will have this,,) from this link, https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j89jcoeimir0 … e.zip?dl=1

2. Press enter on save once the save as dialog comes up.

3. Once the folder is downloaded, unzip it to wherever you like.

4. if you like, move things from the folder, like the dot rar and dot zip folders.

5. unzip clipreader, make a new folder for it if you like, locale emulator, make a new folder for this program and Battle Of Armageddon Demo.

6. install locale emulator by finding the folder you made, opening it and pressing enter on LEInstaller.exe, tip, if you want to run the program for all your profiles, run it as administrator by pressing the applocations key on the dot exe file and arrowing down twice and pressing enter. after you've pressed enter on LEInstaller.exe, tab a couple times and press enter or space on the option you wish to use.

7. install translate. Press enter on the addon, press enter on yes once the dialog comes up and press enter on yes again once it asks you to restart NVDA.

8. unzip Battle Of Armageddon Demo.rar to a new folder to make things easier for yourself.

9. unzip Clipreader.

10. open the Battle Of Armageddon Demo folder, it's the one that sounds like nothings there, nvda might say... 3 of 5, for example, and find the file that just says dot exe, this is the game file. Press your applications key, arrow down or press l to find the locale emulator menu and press enter or the right arrow, then arrow down or press m to find Modify Application Profile and press enter.

10.1 NVDA will say something like, leggi, dash? press tab until you here location settings grouping, then right c, h, i, n, for Chinese, NVDA may not say anything, if this is the case, press shift plus tab once and then tab back to the combobox and you should here Chinese. Press tab until you here save, the game may run and you'll hear a crumbling sound, wait until you here music, then, alt tab until you here a bunch of strange letters, you'll know when you find it, let go of both keys then press your down arrow until you can't anymore and press enter, you'll here a man say something in Chinese and the game will close.

10.2. find clipreader.exe and press enter on it, nothing will seam to happen but the program is running.

10.3 press control, shift, NVDA, t to turn on the translation function of the translate addon and you'll here, translation enabled.

11. go back to your game folder but now, it will be called the battle of the end of the ancient tomb.

11.1 press your applications key on the run.exe file then press l for locale emulator, then press down arrow three times until you here run with modified profile, press enter and the game should start, if it doesn't, I try running the exe file by its self, exiting it, by pressing down arrow until I can't and pressing enter and then following the steps outlined and it works fine.

11.2 once the program is running, note, you will probably have to press alt tab until you here doomsday, you can now use control shift NVDA and b on each item in the menu, you'll hear a picture taking sound and NVDA will then read out the item in English. You must do this for every item and peace of text.

I hope this article helps you have fun with this game.

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