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Hi All,

Over the past 12 days, I've spent time away from technology and life at home, partially to reflect on my life, the choices I and others make as people, how these actions are perceived by others, and how these actions affect the world. I came back to this forum hoping that I would find a community that was beginning to right itself and get back on track. Instead, I found more bickering, arguing and nitpicking from almost everyone including myself, and I am thoroughly disheartened at what I see.

A few years ago when I joined, I felt The AudioGames.net Forum provided an avenue to discuss the creation and development of audio games and to provide us as a community with the means to interact, share knowledge and find support from blind, visually impaired and sited peers alike. Today, I see a forum that has devolved into a snarling, fighting mess that is straying away from that purpose. Our collective mistrust and bad faith have become unhealthy and unsustainable for the larger community, both in how we interact with each other and how we are perceived by outsiders looking in.

Furthermore, I feel that everyone here is seeing the problem, but we're not really trying to break the loop: someone attacks someone else for any reason, the person attacked tries their best to defend their actions and opinions, often attacking others in the process intentionally or unintentionally, the community takes sides, and everything repeats. I, along with most all of us, have been part of this loop at one time or another. Rather than investing our energy into thinking of how we can make small, positive change in an effort to better our group, we're inadvertently choosing to continue the constant bickering and infighting which serves no purpose other than to rile everything up and cause hate and discontent, and I've had enough of it.

So, I pose a question to all of you. How can we, as a community, work to clean up the mess and return to what I hope is our original purpose, if I understand it correctly? I for one feel that we all must be more mindful of the weight our words and actions carry, both in an immediate sense and a more long-term sense. We should be mindful that we are different in our values, our thought processes, and how they shape our actions. We should be more respectful of this fact. basically, we all need to think before we type. I feel this would greatly improve the forum, but these are only my thoughts on the subject, and we need to work on this together as a community.

To conclude, I don't think this forum is a bad place, nor do I feel that its inhabitants are inherently predisposed to fighting and taring each other down at every chance. However, I also feel that the atmosphere here has taken a sharp downhill turn, and we seriously need to evaluate our actions and how we treat each other in order to keep this forum a healthy, supportive environment.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on how we can improve as a forum and as a community.

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2019-07-27 12:51:22

Come on people now, Smile on your brother, everybody get together; Let us love one another, right now, right now, right nowowowow.

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2019-07-27 13:12:19

I completely agree with the sentiment here, however the problem is that this isn't the first time such sentiments have been expressed. Everyone! agrees with them, everyone says "yes we should be better as a community," then one or other issue will arise, people will begin with entrenched opinions and vitriolic ranting, and the circle will start again.

Yes, if we all thought before we typed, considered the opinions of others and tried to actually be nice to each other and have fun this would be a much better forum, but the question arises, given that pretty much everyone on the forum would agree that that is what people "should!" be doing, why are people "not!" doing that.

So, while I absolutely agree with Carver's above perspective and definitely think people should be thinking before they type, perhaps one other question we, (myself very much included), should be asking is, does what we are writing before we hit the enter key "help?"

Is our criticism positive or negative? Is the opinion we are expressing based on anything vaguely rational? Is the language we are using actually contributing to a discussion? Do we need! to express the opinion we do, or has another in the thread expressed it adequately, are we indeed expressing our own opinion at all or just hitching a ride on the flame wagon.

Are we ultimately making a positive contribution to the discussion with what we are saying, or not?

A discussion forum is after all for discussion. It is not a chat program intended for a quick bit of agreement or disagreement, or a facebook wall for anonymous trolling.

I actually wonder myself if part of the problem is that as communication has become easier, with instant messaging, anonymous commenting and real time communication replacing more corespondent type net communication with email lists, forums and news groups, whether people's actual quality of communication is decreasing as the quantity of messages increases, indeed I wonder how many people these days reread their forum posts before posting them.

Radical as it sounds, I almost wonder if the quick reply box should be removed, to force people to actually need a second or two to write their replies, and hopefully read through and consider what they're actually saying a little more, although goodness knows I'd certainly miss the convenience factor of it myself.

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