2019-07-30 23:13:34

I don't understand the issue. The first post clearly states that the staff are doing the exact opposite of what you're thinking they are. Believe me, had they gone through with it, I would have been first to get the hell away from this place as fast as possible, but luckily, they saw reason and didn't.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

2019-07-31 05:01:23

I need to be clear on something.
We're not going to turn a blind eye to absolutely everything (pun intended). We're not just going to soft-pedal absolutely everything. We're simply not going to go chasing people without really good cause.

Speaking personally, I would still like to see some games with pirated assets clean themselves up, and if I had the means, I would help in this endeavour. I don't, though. As an artist (a writer more than anything), I understand the value of controlling who accesses the stuff I write, and it would probably upset me to find out that someone was using my creations without any credit of any kind. This would be true whether I was indy or not. So all the borrowed sounds and music still leave me with a bad taste; they always have, and they always will. When I hear it elsewhere, the same is true. It's not just CP and it's not just the audiogame community. In any case...no, we can't really justify terrorizing folks over borrowed assets, but we really do want you guys to try and scale that back as much as you can.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-07-31 18:03:23

I agree with both 26 and 27.

I like cats.

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2019-08-03 07:34:19 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-08-03 07:50:47)

very nicely done. This compromises some things, but its probably the best for the community, and its just admirable. Not an easy decision to reach!
as I understand it, and to put it simply:
older games like crazy party and others will not be touched or removed, even though its worrying that they do have these copyrighted sounds. What has been done is just that, done, and its not worth removing them and so on because it would silence or just stir up lots of anger and that is never good for a community. Despite this, the site still will have them there. Despite this bringing problems for the site in the future, for example, a legal action against it, they will still be there.
the takeaway from this? there are many resources and people who really have put an amazing amount of energy and time (look at the credits), compiling the resources list because we ALL want something that sounds and or feels different, even if a game concept might be just the everlasting shooting side scroller. Use that to your advantage now that it is out there, and there are tons of sounds you can download for free.
There is also a handful of people willing to help out.
Game mods are also popular for a reason, just changing the sound can convey something very different, if done right.

Sadly, saying this again and again, including here... makes me feel like a broken record at this point. I have also asked numerous times what is it with hastily releasing games that pleases you as a person, whether its fame, or the social aspect, or just wanting to get attention, and so on, to see if at least some introspection will strike, to absolutely no avail. Until that changes I fear it will be difficult for this very same thing to change as well. Hopefully this topic will get it going, if nothing else will.

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