2019-07-08 08:41:39

I was wondering if any gyms had any specific preferences to the styles of leotards and gym gear worn, eg. higher cut legs, no shorts etc. It seems to be the norm at my gym to wear GK (which tend to be higher cut) on the littler kids and preteens, with or without shorts and the older girls wear the GK velvet shorts and just a fitted T-shirt, no leotards worn at all. The coaches don't seem to mind, as long as the gymnast is able to move in it. Watching videos on youtube and reading other post on CB it seems to be uncommon NOT to wear a leo to practice, maybe my gym's a rarity. Do your gyms tend to be more strict on the leo issue to "prepare for competition environment" or as something that should just be worn for gymnastics? or are they more lax? Are the girls comfortable/prefer wearing leotards at your gym? What do your gymnasts wear to practice?

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2019-07-08 16:42:37

We're all nerds here, most of us have never touched a gym big_smile

Sorry, just had to say it big_smile

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2019-07-08 18:39:08

Yeah one time I tried to do a full flip into a pool from ground level and ended up on my back hitting the water. That hurt lol.

I felt the wind of your passing
        is preferable to
I felt the passing of your wind

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2019-07-09 11:50:00

Girls Leotards for Rhythmic Gymnastics can be bought here https://rg-leotard.com . As far as I know, the individual custom tailoring is possible there. Hope you find some suiitable gymnastics outfit there. Anyway good luck!

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2019-07-09 21:29:17

interesting, we can discuss further here would't you believe?

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2019-07-11 13:57:01

@Emma88 or @Oliviablind, would you mind responding here in this thread, either or both of you? We're trying to confirm something.

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