2019-07-03 20:35:14

Hi community,
I've been using Nova Launcher on a couple of Android phones for a couple of years and I love it. I've recently discovered an issue with my latest phone [Motorola G7Power] to do with widgets. The first time I create a widget, I get an alert saying that Nova Launcher can read data about the widget. this is obviously normal for the first time and I have the options of cancel, don't show again and OK. I check the don't show again checkbox and press OK and I can't interact with any element on m home screen with Talkback. It's like everything is simply text instead of buttons. I can't click on anything but Talkback still recognises the objects, although as text instead of buttons. If I want everything to be normal again, I either have to start fresh and reset Nova or create a backup efore and restore to that.
I am using Android 9 with the latest version of Nova at the time of writing.
How do I fix this?

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