2019-07-04 23:39:59


2019-07-05 00:14:41

I for one am glad Jayde is an admin. Nothing against Aaron because I do think he's a chill dude, but there are things that need to be done at times that require an active admin. Approving acounts for one thing.
I do not always agree with everything Jayde does/says, but I feel like he at least is trying to be proactive.
I think it's a shock for a lot of people who are used to the forum being a more or less anything goes place. Times they are a changing.

What you want is of no consequence to me.

2019-07-05 00:56:34

indeed, they're in the toilet and there's a hand hovering over the lever to flush it.

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Fascinating. And your arm? What happened there if I might ask?
Weyll, Ah dun blowed it clean awf 'cause Ah just luvs me sum fahrwerks.

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2019-07-05 00:57:56

I Know they are, Liam, I know they are.

Getting worse, that is.

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2019-07-05 03:09:22

I want to ask some questions. For all admins, mods, users, and nonactive users who won't be answering.

Let's discuss what you would do as an admin or a mod. Or both.
What are your intentions?
How do you plan to change this forum?
How will you handle drama?
How will you handle stress?
What qualities or skills do you have to contribute to the staff role?
WHat flaws do you have that will get the best of you if you are not careful?
How do you plan to improve your flaws?
What's your line between personal and moral?
And finally, ellipsis, when will you end a childish discussion when it reaches that point so you don't egg the other on, and aren't trying to accomplish having the last word.

Just because you say it doesn't mean you will follow through. Just because you say it doesn't mean it's as easy as you make it sound. But maybe it will help see who's fit. Maybe it can shed spotlight on one or 2 people who have the potential, but either hadn't said it before, or were not heard out before. Because we have a great divide.

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2019-07-05 08:21:09

all was fucking good until dark left as an admin.

flawless victory!
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2019-07-05 13:11:04 (edited by an idiot 2019-07-05 15:32:48)

No. This new problem seems to bee more with the users rather then the mods. People always get that wrong. Look at it. Have the mods really done much with out provocation.  Now there are definitely a few things that they have done or are currently doing that I disagree with. But really? This? So what if dictatorous hitlerous gets a few new toys and an all new upgraded ban hammer, which is even bigger then the last one. Ok maybe he will parade his new toys around the mod room before realising the new ones don't do much more than the old ones. Oh wait. He already did. Many of you, not so much. Audiogames.net is like a tv show. Each new thread like this, is another season. And every time the tv show ends, you get pissed off. Because it's fun watching people act like idiots. The comparisons made between djade and dictators, are laughable at best, this coming from someone who knows of a number, and some of there various dictatorish actions. Some people are very, very good at making a lot out of nothing.  So someone please step forward and give evidence to the contrary,  That is not bluster or something more personal.  Many of the more hard line approach is I’ve seen to this issue have come from individuals who have disagreed with Jade many times in the past, not just on actions he has taken but every little chance they get they come in here, ranting and raving, we are  Doomed. Doomed to live under this new system. It’s a dictatorship!  They’re all week! The feared one himself as bribed them!  They are afraid to disobey him!

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2019-07-05 14:59:35

really jade? omg why?

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2019-07-05 16:23:12

I must say, I've never seen a site take the great step of promoting somebody who isn't just a bit controvercial, but actually appears to be universally disliked. Good job folks.

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2019-07-05 18:43:34

Agreed so much, 59

May the force be with you!

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2019-07-05 19:14:40


I think that's just about enough.

I'm not issuing warnings or even cautions, but take a breath, go play outside or something.
No matter how many times you say something, it doesn't change its truth, or lack thereof. I think there's been more than enough time to let this echo chamber stop echoing. Substantive discussion this is not.

I am by no means universally disliked, though I know a bunch of you don't like the way I approach things. Thus, I think the last two posts serve very little purpose. What, precisely, is it you're trying to accomplish with such things? Do you think there's some sort of magic number present? If MasterOfDeath agrees with you thirty-four times or makes snide comments thirty-four times, jayde will be demoted? I'm sorry, but that's just not going to happen.

If you want to cite actual, straight-up factual mismanagement, go ahead. Put your case together, bring it to us properly and it will be fielded professionally and as impartially as the team itself is able to handle. Until or unless you're willing to do that, the constant nipping and yammering has to stop. It's like hyenas in here.

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2019-07-05 20:49:33

I've made this topic unstuck, because there's another topic concerning more staff changes. It does not change the fact that Jayde is still admin, but now, he's joined by a second.
https://forum.audiogames.net/topic/2966 … moderator/

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2019-07-05 23:15:19

I just saw this topic, I had avoided this room entirely for a while hoping things would blow over.  Spoiler! they fuckin didn't.
Anyway I didn't think Jade would mention my reasons for not wanting to be a mod because it was by email and with Aaron.  I'm not really upset but I would like to put the full text of the email here just to make things clear.  Everything there still applies so please, guys, stop asking me to be a mod, because I might start to feel guilty for not doing my part and accept and I know I'll regret that;.

Inviting you to be a moderator of the audiogames forum

Aaron (Full name and email redacted)
Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 12:33 PM
To: [email protected]

This is Aaron from the audiogames forum, letting you know that me and
the staff have indeed been discussing new moderators for the past week
or so, and one of the people we have settled upon is you.
We are therefore wondering, would you be interested in joining us as a
moderator of the audiogames forum? It is up to you.
I look forward to your reply,

Sound Thinking<[email protected]>
Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 1:03 AM
To: Aaron (Full name and email redacted)

I'm flattered, but I have to say no, for several reasons.

1. I still get too much of an adrenaline kick from arguing.
2. I obsess over weather or not my posts are what I'd consider
perfect, editing them many times and rereading them for the
satisfaction. It's quite pathetic, honestly... LOL
3. While I am striving to be as open minded as I can be, I feel that I
still respond too strongly towards certain things (such as social
justice around gender and culture or discussions with those who are
highly religious) to be objective.
4. I am still young and learning about how not to push people while
trying to help, what's actually okay in romantic relationships VS the
shit that goes around twitter and tumbler, how to manage mental
conditions healthally ETC, and so am not confident that I could solve
interpersonal issues that involve those types of things.
5. I am focusing on me right now, that's why I'm currently taking part
in this blindness training center, trying to get my citizenship forms
together, attempting to finish high school ETC. I already know from
past experience that I am not capable of separating online issues from
real life enough to not negatively impact my mental health if I were
to make an unpopular decision or was forced to moderate a tricky
conflict, so I can not have that fucking up my day.
6. I can't code, at all, so I would not be able to weigh in on source
steeling or programmer politics around things like bad info without
looking like a fool, and that is something we need very badly.
7. I struggle with motivation as of late, and often find my self
unable to finish something I've started weather I enjoy doing it or
not. For instance, I would probably not be the person to ask for help
codifying the rules if you actually wanted it done in a reasonable
amount of time.

I appreciate the offer though and wish you guys luck!

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2019-07-06 00:54:35 (edited by Ethin 2019-07-06 00:58:53)

Oh my god this topic is just a shitstorm of disgusting stupidity and irrationality with some rationality thrown in. Let me address some stuff here.
First, me being a mod/admin: I'm going to publicly reject that, right here and now. I do not want such a position. I do not want the authority that brings in regards to this particular forum. I have enough to deal with, and would rather not deal with people who act like 12 to 16-year-olds who think they can get their way with personal attacks, scaremongering, ridiculous to insane comparisons, and other nonsense. I have enough on my plate dealing with that in the developers room; I don't want to have to manage that all across the forum just because a few people think they can make change by force. (Hint: history has shown us that force has worked for a bit but in the end has caused complete and total ruin.)
Second, the comparisons to Jade and other evil tyrants: if you guys knew the true depth and scope that the tyrants you are using as comparisons actually did during World War II and beyond, you would *not* be making those comparisons. Is Jade principally, and alone, responsible for starting a world war? Has Jade implemented something equivalent to the Holocaust (and that does include the attempted total extermination of Jews, not just in Germany but all the Jews in Europe and of European Russia)? If your comparing Jade to Stalin, did Jade initiate something identical to, or similar to, "the Great Purge", a systematic extermination of between 681,000 to 1.2 million Political opponents, Trotskyists, Red Army leadership, kulaks, or ethnic minorities? (There's much more that both of these tyrants did, but I won' go intothem here.) If the answer is no, he didn't, or something to that affect, then your comparison is completely and totally invalid and only makes you look idiotic.
Third, Jade being a dictator: Do any of you know what a dictator is? A dictator is a leader who possesses absolute power. Does Jade possess absolute power? No! If Jade possessed absolute power, he could:
* Control the web host provider and the server that the forum operates on;
* Move the forum and manage the server domain(s);
* Revoke or otherwise eliminate any administrator or moderator;
* do anything else he wanted to do, with impunity.
Can Jade do that? Nope! The only people who have absolute power are Richard and Senderman, who have delegated most likely less than 10 percent of their authority to the administrators and moderators. The other 70 percent goes to them, and the other 10 percent goes to the web host, which is the only authority higher than those two. Above them, of course, is the state/provincial government, national government, then the international governments. So the chain of authority, from least significant and authoritative to most, from a feature/access based point-of-view is: forum guests->logged in members->moderators->administrators->owners->web host/sysadmin->state/province government->national government->international governments. That is the chain, albeit a highly disconnected one.
The fact that you guys continue to act like little kids (yes, you know who you are) is just sad. If you guys were actually mature, you'd *act* like it, wouldn't you?
I get that some of you are *actually* under the age of 18 and/or going through your teenage years. That in no way somehow excuses your behavior. I've seen shitstorms on Reddit and believe me, they get shut down pretty fast. On YouTube? Not so much, but that's purely because YT doesn't ave any kind of moderation system. But on a fully functioning forum, shitstorms like this get shut down pretty fast. If this were any other forum, I have no doubt most of you would be banned already. This forum is quite generous in that regard, you know.

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2019-07-06 01:10:37

Ug. Some of the people in here... don't you think you're blowing this whole situation way, way out of proportion? At the end of the day, it's just an online forum. Seriously, go take a walk, or read a book, talk to a friend on Whatsapp... anything.

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2019-07-06 01:20:43


I'd also like to point out that the power I have is actually not that far-reaching. Observe.

So let's say I went on a completely crazy power-trip one day and started banning people. Here is what would happen.
1. There'd be justifiable outrage.
2. Aaron, Arqmeister or Carter would ban me.
3. They would then unban and probably apologize to whoever I went off on.
4. They'd probably IP-ban me.
5. I'd be powerless.

Yup, it's just that simple. If I went totally nuts and off the rails, I'd get dealt with.

You are upset that I am decisive. You are likening me to a dictator because there have been times where I am spearheading campaigns where we do what we intend despite public outcry. Do that often enough, and the public will revolt; I honour that and respect it. But that doesn't mean that if you do it once, it constitutes a dictatorship. It's light-handed autocracy, at the least (in other words, us using our power to say "okay, this is what is happening, let's deal with it".

But if we want to even very gently compare the two (me to a dictator), ask yourself this:
1. Do dictators regularly engage in open dialogue with their constituents? Doing, in other words, what I'm doing right now? I mean, my world history is not tip-top, but I'm pretty sure most dictators got power, then wielded it like a hammer and generally did not listen to anyone, ever. They sure as hell didn't sympathize or come to the people over whom they held power and seek to discuss their plans with them, as I (and we, as a team) have done repeatedly during the last half-year.
2. Do dictators tolerate dissent, or do they normally punish those who disagree? Consequently, how many warnings or bans have been handed down by me due to people disagreeing with me?
*crickets chirp*
3. Last but not least, what has -actually changed here? Warnings/bans/punishments in general are more rigid and formalized now, but have all that many policies actually changed? When some of you freaked out about the community failure clause, exactly who has been punished using that part of the rules in the time since? How many times have I apparently done things only to have the team cut my legs out from under me? (Somebody made the claim, either in this thread or elsewhere, that I act first, ask later, and this is simply not accurate.) How often do I make decisions that run against the team, or surprise the team entirely with a decision, and then have to backpedal or, far worse, have the team fall in line because they can't deal with me?
Pretty sure these crickets are going to drive me mad.

Have I made mistakes? Damn right I have.
Am I a dictator? Not by any stretch of the word.
And given the innately negative implications of that word, I feel it is appropriate to say this next.
I am not offended by this whole dictator thing (more amused, honestly), but I would deem it a form of character assassination. Given the loaded nature of that accusation, it conjures a lot of dark implications that simply don't apply. It would be like me calling Ironcross or some other right-of-center user a Nazi; no, I am not going to start doing that, so don't jump on my back. That word "Nazi" has all kinds of implication to it, so even if I think Ironcross has a lot of things backward, and I don't like what he stands for, I'm not going to slap a label on him or on his behaviour that might lead to far worse. I'm also not going to stand by and let anybody else do it either. So yeah. Stop with the dictator business. I don't merit it. Nobody here merits that. If it comes up more, I will report individual posts, and given the situation, I will ask that the team deliberate over it and divvy out appropriate punishments.

You have every right to be angry, and to show some of that anger. You have every right to even speak and then maybe regret it/dial it back a bit later. We all get hot-headed sometimes. But now you've been duly informed. The dictator stuff stops now. It's way over the top and in my opinion, at least, is toxic. And that means everyone, not just me. Don't call Liam a dictator. Or Ethin. Or Sam. Or anyone who, y'know, isn't -actually a dictator, past or present. You no longer have the excuse of ignorance. It stops now. It's probably been tolerated too much as it is.

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2019-07-06 01:58:53 (edited by defender 2019-07-06 02:03:15)

Jade you do realize that going on for several paragraphs about it, post after post, with language that most people only have a tenuous grasp on the meaning of is also not helping right?  Your giving them the reaction they want by talking the point up down and around regarding an off hand comment that was never supposed to be taken literally.
I mean if they can't even properly understand you, your just talking to a brick wall and wasting your time anyway...
At a certain point, you need to stop letting people draw you out into incredibly long winded arguments once you start noticing it happening.  You'll see that almost every time you end up debating someone, your posts are at least twice as long as theirs and often 5 times longer, but very little of their original point changes when they respond to you, because they've tuned most of it out and just skimmed it.
And I get it, you want to make your position clear, show that your seeing all sides, but sometimes, you just gotta pick your battles and let what they say stand on it's marrot, even if it's wrong, unless it's actually directly violating a forum rule and then you'd be much better off having another mod deal with it.
Certain people will think what they will about that wrong info regardless.  And you could spend that time with actions instead of words.  Prove them wrong via your actions and eventually the naysayers will fade into the background more and more.
I do the same thing, and I'm working on it.  Most of the time, short and sweet works best, and sometimes you just have to face the fact that someone understands you 100% and still thinks your completely wrong, even if the notion of them finding what your saying unreasonable is absurd to you.

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2019-07-06 02:25:22

You're probably dead right, Defender.
I think my issue is a personal one. Sometimes it feels like one of those aforementioned unwinnable scenarios. If I don't speak up, people think what they want and take my silence as acquiescence. "Oh, he's not saying anything, that must mean he agrees" or "he's not saying anything, he's a coward", which I'm manifestly not.
But if I explain, it turns into this.
Still, you make a good point. Picking one's battles is important.

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2019-07-06 06:33:39 (edited by keyIsFull 2019-07-06 06:41:25)

as I see it, you can divide the rage people into 2 grups.
1. the kids, this is the majority of posts you see. Usually less than a paragraph long, they rarely come up with their own ideas, instead just parroting something they heard a few days ago that sounds good.
2. the trolls. These people don't talk as much because they want to make their posts look more legit. So they put effort into what they say, spell check it so that typos don't degrade from the quality and then post. They use all the good rhetorical devices that we know and love. They mainly do so much work to egg on the kids. You can see that the kids are mainly remembering little soundbytes, just as uneducated people can still quote the soundbytes from politicians at you when they're arguing for their favorite candidate. It's pretty much mini politics right here.
But that's why I am advocating, once again, for the kids' room. I have already said numerous times why it's a good idea. But it would be cool to have it implemented experimentally for like a week. Especially now that AnyAudio where they used to hang out is locked down, they don't have as much choice if they want to get their ideas out to a wider audience so they come here, still riled up because they couldn't vent it out. It's like taking away kids' recreation time in the gym. They need that time to get energy out and jump around and stuff. It would be a lot less strictly moderated when it comes to personal attacks because they're just kids and they'll get over it. Of course, discussion of cracks, stealing source code or other copyrighted material, getting around forum bans etc will still be enforced but I am begging you, let kids be kids and have fun!
#Free the kids! Thumb this post up if you want the kids room.

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2019-07-06 10:57:54

LOL @69 i fully agree.

2019-07-06 13:48:43

If they make the kids room, they have to limit the kids posting anywhere else so kids don't come and spam the legit rooms, or else there would be no point. How can that be done, based on what is posted or what?

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2019-07-06 14:51:41

no no, you wouldn't actually be able to make new topics in the kids room. Moderators could move topics that have degenerated in flame wars to the kids room, and then they won't clutter up the other rooms. So you have to intentionally go there to see the drama and trolling going on.

I like to sleep, Sleep is good,
This is how I do it: Lie on a nice warm cozy bed, and dream dreams about how to rule the world!
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2019-07-06 15:04:17

for promoting staff members why cant the community vote on it? for example.
possible candidates are: jade, liam and other mods. if the admins want to promote someone why cant they put a poll up in this room? that would be a good and democratic system.

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2019-07-06 15:18:03

I don't think that would be a great idea. It would just become a popularity contest rather than a decision based off of ability.

Fortunately, people aren't locked into positions, so if they cause problems or do a bad job, they can be removed. plus, at some point, either you trust the mods and admins to do their jobs well or not, and part of that job is who they want to give additional duties to, because it's not really about power, it's more work, and from what I can tell, it sounds like a lot of work.

IN addition, if you put up polls, you then have people arguing for one or the other, and I have not seen that go over well lately either, which means more personal attacks which means more cautions/warnings/other things, which means more people unhappy.


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2019-07-06 17:21:33

73 agreed. That would be true democracy but now who knows what's going on behind the scenes...

May the force be with you!

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