2019-06-28 20:56:40

Hi guys. so today, I am releasing this new game. The source code is based off of the zombie arena by mason. There are a lot of changes, and the readme is not completed but here is the link if you want to play it. https://www.filehosting.org/file/detail … demmo.zip. enjoy

I like bop it.

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2019-06-28 21:00:14

OK firstly, can anyone clarify if Zombie Arena is an open source project, and secondly, what has changed in this release?

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2019-06-28 21:08:34

Yes, Zombie Arena was open sourced.

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2019-06-28 21:33:31

and, whats new in this release is that you can play all of the levels or you can play each level separate. Right now, there are 5 levels I think. Also a new weapon and I am also planning to add a tutorial.

I like bop it.

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2019-06-28 21:35:31

lol, just, lol
at least he didnt come up with glass breaker at this time
hell no
defenetly no

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2019-06-28 22:31:22

hahahahaha, just lol, nothing new, i will pass on this one

2019-06-28 22:45:06

not found!

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2019-06-29 01:01:55

Oh no not again please.

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2019-06-29 01:07:25

I thought you had given up on this stuff.

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2019-06-29 03:44:54

Could we, possibly, avoid being so negative, Specially on our new developers? From what I found out, It's no problem if you edit a sourcecode of an open sourced game, and mention that your game is based on x's sourcecode and release it. No wonder the developer commented on this topic and said nothing against this game. We have to support the new developers. Otherwise don't expect a good range of choices when you want to play games, in the near future.
At #1 now that you added these, You might wanna try adding new types of zombies, Hell even human or robot enemies to extend the storyline of the game. Speaking about a storyline, Why not add one!

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2019-06-29 04:36:36

Normally I would agree with you, but the OP doesn't have a very good track record. Glass breaker is a prime example

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2019-06-29 05:27:45 (edited by Ghaith 2019-06-29 05:30:35)

I definetly want to play this.
Good start, and hopefully, we'll see a whole new change in this game.
Note that I can't find the file.

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2019-06-29 07:47:05

gotta agree with post 11 heare

2019-06-29 07:59:56

I don't see why everyone's going nuts over this thing if its not even available. Like omfg.

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2019-06-29 09:35:50

I would not call that (allot of changes) at all.  But at least you aren't using stolen sourcecode, so this is a step in the right direction.  I think you released this far too early though.

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2019-06-29 10:12:51

So, let me summarize the thing.
This guy releases something, which is basically a clone because he even mentions it, but everyone is really, really negative, and why? Because of previous experience.
And, in a previous topic, Mason brought back his old topics, and I mentioned that buying the game might lead you to lose your money. Why? Because of previous experience.
Nah, and there everyone was against me, because how can I be so dump, how in the hell can I say such. And there we go. You are doing just the same, but with a different developer, who's previous social life here weren't that awesome, and we all know what he has done, but still, this is just hilarious.

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2019-06-29 12:20:07 (edited by kianoosh 2019-06-29 12:31:07)

Yeah. I agree with defender. You could release it after you put some more changes in it, Meanwhile I know how that feels when you want to publish your first legal project. experiences
At Liam people can change, and that's so likely to happen. Someone who enters a small community like ours, where most of the latest games are known by community members, Chances are this user receives a sourcecode from someone out since the user is really new to this community and stuff like , age and so on, He's so likely to edit the sourcecode just a bit and release it to the community and name it their game. But there's no obligation that this user will do this again if he finds out that what he did was wrong. I think OP is farely new to the development and programming as well. So such a mistake shall be forgivable. Yet I don't know much about him and I'm assuming that glass breaker was his only cloned project. Even if not, This time he's not doing a bad action here and we sometimes shouldn't punish people just for their passed. Specially if what they're doing currently isn't wrong
If we keep saying damn you. Go away you idiot cloner and having such bad attitude, Not only we're demotivating a possibly future developer, but we're ruining the reputation of someone. It could be less important if it was not taking place in such a small community like ours. But unfortunately it is as important as that. This forum is accepting new users like each two days, if not daily. Of course there can be someone who might be curious about new releases of audio games community. They might go read the first two or three pages of this room and a title like this topic takes their attention. They enter the topic, and see what people say about a person in the topic, even though the OP haven't done anything bad in the said topic. Of course it feels bad.
Unfortunately we've become like this recently. I was checking through my topics. When I released lucky cop, my first published project, I got really positive opinions and comments, despite the very true fact that my game wasn't a big thing, and it was obvious that a kid through it all together, then liked his own work and uploaded it somewhere for publishing. That game was so buggy but I was still receiving good opinions and comments about that game.
I also did code that game based on a source code mason gave me to I think tell me how a map system with walls and a very very simple enemy works
It's so unfortunate that we've become too picky and too sensetive now a days

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2019-06-29 13:16:44

roflflfllflf so first the download link doesn't even work and second that is the thirt time you make a game with the src. Propably the src is even in the package again like it was in glass breaker, but as i said link doesn't work. I think about just posting the source to my messed up lc crap, just to see how many games people would make out of that roflfllflf.
@10 this guy also asked for help with a tk source in this forum, that's all i need to say.

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2019-06-29 14:53:53

as i knew, game like it was exist and developer was brandon cruz AKA audiogame.

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2019-06-29 15:15:57

how I can download this game?
I don't stand

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2019-06-29 18:47:06

I have to agree with post 19 here. Well, in the direction this game's heading.

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2019-06-29 19:34:02

Yes I know that glass breaker was a clone but I moved on. A clone is a game that uses stolen source code. I am sorry I am trying to try my hand at programming. Actually, I think I will not make any games any more. Even if I make a game by my self all the way, you will still criticize it, so what's the point. I am done. So don't expect me to release the full version of this game any time soon, because you will say, i'm not playing cause it uses source code from other projects. Mason released this source. Come on! And to those who actually like the game, thank you. i'm out of here.

I like bop it.

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2019-06-29 19:39:14

Lol the file can't be found.

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2019-06-29 19:43:35

I want to try the game.
I'm so excited and I don't want my excitement to drop.

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2019-06-29 19:59:00

Can we just give him another chance? We all make mistake.

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