2019-06-21 20:12:02

I'm not sure if this problem will happen on the iOS devices or not. I have an Android phone. But when I try to browse the forum. Many things will disappear. I can't view my private messages. And I can't modify my profile.And something else that I can't remember. I'm sorry.

I am not sure why do you want to contact me . If you want to do add me on Skype


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2019-06-22 21:39:54

I don't run in to this problem, and i did try it on both IOS and android. what device and android version are you using?
That could be a possible contributing factor, along with the internet browser you are using.


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2019-06-22 21:53:02

I also have this problem. iOS + Safari.

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2019-06-22 23:52:25

Me too i also have it on ios

2019-06-23 16:28:48


Hurm, no problems here, also running it on iOS, everything works fine for me.

Greetings Moritz.

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2019-06-25 16:32:08 (edited by masonian 2019-06-25 16:32:47)


So, I have the same problem and it has to do with the desktop site rather than the mobile one. For now, just go down to the share button I believe and tell it to give you the desktop site from there. That should work.
Edit: There's nothing anyone can do as that is just how the form software is and nobody's going to ever do anything to fix it, so may as well just get used to it.

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