2019-06-17 13:38:38

After the last app update, it is not possible to read metflix subtitles with the screen readers.  Is someone with this problem?

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2019-06-17 14:15:09


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2019-06-17 17:25:56

@Diego: Which screenreader do you use?
As far as I know, it was never possible, to have a Screenreader read subtitles to you on Android. Netflix in general is a very finicky app, since it was never possible, to get to the control elements when you started to play a show. That goes for Talkback at least...

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2019-06-17 17:34:27

The only screen reader that works reliably with NetFlix (and "Pluto TV" for that matter,) is "Commentary/Jieshuo Screen Reader.
In one of the latest betas, Sub-Title support for both "YouTube" and "NetFlix" has been recently added.

2019-06-17 17:56:00

I talked with netflix about accessibility alot of times and finaly they did something.
The people who answered did not even know that talk back exists and one  of them asked me how to use it and tryed on her own phone.
Yeah, I could never read subtitles, but in the last updates, you can use talk back to hit the subtitles and audio button, previously you could not.
You could find the pause button only once and if it lost focus, it was lost untill the end.

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2019-06-17 19:27:52

With the talkback and the commentary I could read the subtitles by touching the screen or flicking.  With the shine plus it was possible to read automatically.

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2019-06-18 03:36:37

Since this topic related to Netflix, thought I would throw my question here as well. How do you watch movies/TV shows with audio described contents? I didn't see them anywhere.

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2019-06-18 09:26:40

Post 7, the original netflix series are all audio described as far as I know. Just lounch the film-serie you want to watch, press on audio and subtitles, choose the audio described option under the audio header. I think there's also a specific category, but I've never bothered browsing categories so I can't confirm that one.

So, you can't automatically read subtitles with talkback? Humm, another plus for me to stick with iOS for now, since I watch quite some anime and not all are dubbed.

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2019-06-20 16:02:37

Thanks so much at 8.

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2019-06-20 20:07:53

the netflix app could be improved for talk back. in order to bring up the pause button and other bottuns double tap with 2 fingers while your on the screen of the playing content you have a little time to find pause.  I will say this. the IO
S app is better for netflix but i won't switch back.

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2019-06-22 03:47:29

I can't seems to find the audio described option when I launched the movies. Only to see the sub title srt file. No audio.

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2019-07-10 02:51:18

Hello guys!
Does anyone know where I could report the subtitles bug with the screen readers?
even with the updates this problem has not yet been fixed.

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2019-07-11 00:10:09

Don't even get me started on netflix on android. On IOS it was semi useable what with you being able to double tap the screen to regain focus , but on android it is just plain frustrating. The only way I can "pause" a show is to lock my screen, and other than that I can't do much inside the video player. So yeah, I hope this gets fixed soon.

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