2019-06-12 23:05:58

Hi guys
So, I just installed lazer breakout, and started it up.
How ever, the menus don't read, and i think it's because the items are in a different language. I don't know how to change this.
If anyone can help, it would be greatly apprishiated.
thanks in advance,


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2019-06-12 23:08:56

Use jgt and then change the language of the game

I am not sure why do you want to contact me . If you want to do add me on Skype


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2019-06-13 01:17:00

you need: 1: launch the game
2: press down arow 3 times and press enter 2 times
3: press down arow 2 times and activate this
dun, but i think that your game now on Japanese language?
if yes, do this steps after step 3
1: press down arow 2 times and press enter
2: press down arow 1 time and press enter.

let's rock!

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2019-06-13 02:24:17

@3, thumbs up. it worked. thanks


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2019-06-13 05:21:43

Pressing E when intro is playing might force the language to English, but I forgot if I did that for LB.

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