2019-06-11 15:57:51

Hi all, recently I tried to play shades of doom on windows 10. I enter the elevator to level 2, and when the elevator animation finishes, i get this error:
Error in file load. file: D:\games\gma\sod\SODlevel2.dm
I looked in the folder I had installed the game in, and found out that for some reason, the .dm files for levels 2-9 are missing. This is weird because I installed it normally, and only changed the installation location. I tried to reinstall but the files aren't appearing, and I have indeed registered the game. I think however that if someone were to send me the dm files for sodlevels 2-9, it would start working, unless I'm missing some other data files I don't know about yet. Does someone have sod2.0 installed so I can try this?

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2019-06-11 19:08:45

Did you use the brouse feature of the installer to move the game?
I used it and put the game in,
and creates a Shades of Doom 2.0 folder.
That is where I fine,
The game also puts files into,
c:\users\phil\my documents\Shades of Doom 2.0

Moving files after the installation might mess up going to a new level.

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