2019-06-11 08:53:27

Hello everybody!
I'm Mikko, a blind music producer from Finland...I'm working for MyTrueSound, a company making mobile audiogames for the blind.

We're currently finalizing a new game called Audio Wizards, it will be a fantasy action game where you fight against enemies with spells.

We launched a competition for blind and visually impaired musicians to compose music for the game. The winners will get fame, paid and their music published in our game...

So, we call all blind musicians around the world.. Make a good song to join our team, we will also need music in the future smile.

I will finalize the winning songs with the winners. I work as a music producer here in Finland and have produced over 50 full length albums, some of them reaching the finnish top10 charts.

Let's have fun, let's hear good new music!

Here's a link to the competition rules:
https://www.mytruesound.com/blog/music- … -on-a-game

All the best to everybody!

-- Mikko

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2019-06-11 08:57:58

I'm currently working on my entry. I've finished two third approximately, so mine will be submitted in the mid of this month!

I don't speak as good as I write, and I don't listen as good as I speak.