2019-05-20 04:36:25

Hi all,

For those that do Shipwrecks in CR, how do you get that elusive cube?

I hate these activities in CR where it's too much about luck. First, I exited my ship apparently at 3, 3. But, when I walked around trying to find the go exit and couldn't find it, again, I went back to 3, 3 and said well I give up with this thing.

But my ship is no longer there.

Also, where is the center of the room? Some random location? I had about 200+ rats or so this time, but more time ultimately didn't help. The people who do this activity over and over again refuse to help and/or give tips or tricks either IC or OOC.

I'm level 924, so this is the perfect activity for me right now as Dark Matter Mining requires an Industrial Plant that I can't be bothered to set up right now, just getting a factory again.

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