2019-05-16 20:16:20

Hey all,
I discovered this game today in the morning. I'm not sure about the gole of this game, but it's like antimatter dimentions, only i guess AD is more advanced than IL.
In infinite layers, at first you get a new dimention, you buy it, it starts to generate money, then you buy the second dimention and the second dimention starts to produce the first dimention, then you buy third and third produces second, well stuff like that. Then, when you get your first infinity point you can buy your first infinity dimention, it gives you infinity power, which, i guess, you will be able to convert in to eternity points when you get enough.
The game is pritty decent, not that boring and gives you enough interest to continue playing, well, at least for me.
I don't know when it appeared, but here's the link to the game it self:
Try it out!

flawless victory!